Leftover Bowl

From Sunday, The Cat’s leftover paella, only rice leftover.

The Mouse steamed the bowl, added an egg, steamed a little more.

Paella Rice with Steamed Egg

The Mouse sprinkled paprika and added green onions to serve.

The Mouse’s Lunch

Mmm! 🙂

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

“Making” Lunch

More like “assembling”.

The Mouse on his usual Wednesday papaya “hunt”. Picked up two bento.

Salmon “Tic Tac Toe” Bento
Butterfish “Tic Tac Toe” Bento

The Mouse disassembled and re-assembled. 🙂

The Cat’s Bento, In Progress

The rice, soybeans, potato croquette from the two bento, The Mouse added cucumber, carrot, and sweet potato.

The Cat’s Bento, Assembled

Salmon and butterfish bento.

The Mouse ate everything else.

The Mouse’s Lunch

Inari sushi, simmered eggplant, fried mochi balls with red bead filling, sweet potato, potato croquette, vegetable gyoza. The Mouse took a nap after. Hee hee.

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

A Bread (End) Tale

The time The Mouse ate at the last pie/coffee shop on the other side of the island, The Mouse sat at the counter. They serve a lot of toast, commercial-sized loaves. The Mouse watched the servers toss the loaf ends away.

Server explained customers didn’t want bread end toast. The Mouse asked if he could take some. Server accommodated with a few. 🙂

Bread Ends

While The Mouse understands the restaurant policy, he wished he lived closer, he wouldn’t mind making a couple of trips a week to collect bread ends.

The bread is tasty with good texture too. Sigh.

Changing subject, a couple of The Cat’s clients like to drop off food stuff during tax season.

Avocados, Honey


Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

Not Fried

Sunday dinner, Saito & Pho, neighborhood go-to for comfort food.

The Cat had her regular oxtail soup, The Mouse ordered steamed basa with ginger and onion.


White onions instead of green onions, very tasty. Leftover went into The Cat’s bento.

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse


One of The Mouse’s former bosses (who becomes a client), husband’s birthday. Sorry, confusing. Birthday brunch. Eating House 1840 by Roy Yamaguchi.

The Cat’s Order

Plantation style paella rice stew. Portuguese sausage, chorizo, shrimp, and clams. Tasty.

The Mouse’s Order

Sampler plate: chicken spring roll (ok), Mongolian ribs (tender, fall off the bone, slightly spicy, mmm), tempura spicy ahi sushi roll (ok). Winner was the ribs. The Mouse still trying to cut back, not eliminate extra starch.

For “starch”, The Mouse also ordered.

Crispy Brussels Sprouts

Lemon mint aioli, lup cheong sausage, pepitas. The Mouse shared with The Cat and “birthday boy”. Another winner dish.

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

Okazu-ya Try

The Mouse errand to the post office. Tried nearby okazu-ya (Japanese deli). Forgot to take a pic of the front. Kinda hole-in-the-wall-ish. Sorta late morning, slim pickings.

Hot Dog,Char Siu, Hamburger Patty

The hot dog was meh (probably sat in the warmer too long), the hamburger patty was ok, the char siu was above average. Try try.

No sushi or musubi needed. The Mouse had a ham sandwich with the okazu-ya picks.

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse


The Mouse did a site visit yesterday. Visit ended mid-morning. Brunch. Hee hee.

Special of the Day

Fried rice omelet with tomato and green onion, and toast. To The Mouse, kinda had omurice vibe, sorta. The Mouse did squirt ketchup after taking the picture. 🙂

Since The Mouse rarely visits that side of SPAM Land, loaded up on take-out noms.

Pecan Pie

For The Cat.

Apple Pie

For The Mouse.

And the must have nom.

Grilled Cornbread

Gotta get’em grilled. 🙂

Dedicated Grill for Cornbread

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

The Mouse bought of bunch of green onions (spring onion), have to use them up. Added to his instant noodle bowl.


The Mouse also added a tin of Vienna Sausage, too lazy to slice SPAM. 🙂

Used the “jus” from the sausage can instead of the soup packet. Hee hee.

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

Not Ceremonial

The Mouse bought at the grocery store.


Just add hot water.


No tea bowl, no tea whisk, no kneeling. Just a mug. Hee hee.

The Mouse will be alternating between matcha and coffee. 🙂

And with matcha, The Mouse needs a little sweet.

Corn Bread, Bread Pudding

The Mouse ate one bread pudding, sent the rest to The Cat’s office. 🙂

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

Sunday Dinner

Kin Wah Chop Suey. One of a couple nearby places The Cat and The Mouse usually frequent.

The Cat and The Mouse usually order savory omelet but this past weekend ordered something different.

Beef Stew with Funn Noodles

Good ingredients, well cooked, too much gristle, reasonably priced.

Ginger and Onion Fish Filet

Easy to eat, comfort food.

The Mouse finished with crunchy noms.

Fortune Cookies


Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

Try Try

The Mouse returned a mail order item, factory outlet store on the other side of the island. Try try “Taiwanese noodle bar”, Fooki.

Side Order Won Ton

Because, whenever possible, The Mouse eats won ton, or any other dumpling for that matter. Hee hee.

Beef Tendon

Almost cooked through, The Mouse took home most of the tendon, simmer a little longer. Not bad though.

Veggie Scallion Noodles

Mushroom, tofu, onion, cilantro, green onion, scallion oil, stir-fried with noodles. Light and refreshing.

Braised Pork Belly Bowl

Overall, pretty good, slightly pricey, definitely not cheap eats. Worth another try if we are in the neighborhood. 🙂

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

“Cheap” Eats

Pan’s Kitchen. after doctor appointment. Recommended a little more vegetable in The Mouse’s eating. Okay, The Mouse thought he would get more severe scolding but not so bad. Hee hee.

Baby steps, The Mouse got a tofu salad.

Tofu Salad

Came with bacon bits, “baby steps”. Hee hee

The Mouse picked up an order of corned beef hash and eggs for The Cat.

Corned Beef Hash and Eggs

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

Bento Prep

A visit to a Korean grocery store, H Mart. The Mouse picked up a lotus root segment.

Lotus Root

Cut off both ends, peel outer layer (potato peeler), rinse outside and inside thoroughly, and slice thin.

Lotus Root, Prepped

Boil in salted water, The Mouse forgot how long, maybe ten minutes or so. Rinse thoroughly, boil in plain water for another ten minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

Dressed with a little bit of olive oil and a sprinkle of salt.

The whole lotus root segment should be enough for The Cat’s bento this week. 🙂

The Mouse did the prep on the weekend, process would take too long weekdays.

Be well, eat good.

The Mouse

Friday “Splurge”

The Mouse’s Friday “splurge”. 🙂

Eating Good

Saba bento (for The Cat), small poi, alaea salt poke, imitation crab salad, lomi salmon. Mmm!

All from Foodland supermarket.

The Mouse couldn’t finish, some leftover for today. 🙂

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

Washing Strawberries

The Mouse used to be reluctant to buy strawberries, any berries for that matter, spoils easily. Trick taught to The Mouse by one kitchen prep cook.

The Mouse bought a basket of strawberries from Costco.


One part generic white vinegar, four parts water, soak twenty minutes. Drain, rinse thoroughly, store uncovered. So far, works.;)

Strawberries and Apple

The Mouse likes. Mmm. 🙂

Stay safe, eat good.

The Mouse

Wednesday, The Mouse goes hunting for papaya (vendor, Kamiya Farms, delivers on Wednesday). Also picked up a “fancy” bento.

Miso Butterfish Bento

The Mouse cannibalized the orange chicken keiki bento and the miso butterfish bento.

The Cat’s Bento

Simplified. Rice and broccoli from the orange chicken. Miso butterfish, cabbage, and half bitten potato croquette from the butterfish bento. Steamed purple sweet potato cooked by The Mouse.

Other items went to The Cat’s dinner bowl, The Mouse finished the rest. 🙂

Stay safe, eat good.

The Mouse

Tuesday Special

Tuesdays must be slower for Ruby Tuesday. This week’s special, roast pork plate, not Chinese roast pork, Hawaiian kalua pork, porchetta, or even lechon, roast pork with gravy.

Roast Pork, Rice with Gravy, Baked Potato

Good plate for the reduced price. The Mouse’s one “complaint”, the pork was not cooked low and slow, ever so slightly on the tough side. Other than that, The Mouse enjoyed. Most of the rice and half of the potato goes to The Cat’s bento.

The Mouse also picked up a “keiki” plate to pack the Cat’s bento, she is eating dinner at her office for the remainder of tax season, saves a little bit of time.

Orange Chicken “Keiki” Plate, Rice, Broccoli

Not Panda Express but still pretty good. Hee hee.

Stay safe, eat good.

The Mouse

Chicken Tikka Masala Plate Lunch

The Cat “rediscovered” Indian take-out place near her office. The Mouse is reminded of small-kid time TV dinners. Hee hee.

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse (via The Cat)

Other than Saimin

The Mouse eats kamaboko fishcake, other than saimin. Hee hee.

On Salad
Kamaboko Sandwich

With tomato and Kewpie mayonnaise, on Japanese whole wheat bread. Mmm! 🙂

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

Try Try

The Mouse used to frequent a Korean BBQ restaurant before the event that cannot be named. They used to offer a lunch buffet for a reasonable price (no cheap eats). The buffet table usually contained several kim chee vegetables, rice, seaweed soup, a fried or grilled dish (usually chicken), and a stir-fried or stew (kim chee stew). Once in a while, a treat. Then the event that cannot be named happened.

Recently, the restaurant semi-restored its lunch offering. Two protein or tempura choices, rice, vegetable, and soup all you can eat.

The Mouse ordered mahi jun and BBQ pork.

Mahi Jun, BBQ Pork

The Mouse felt the plate/serving was a little sparse. The Mouse thinks with the rising food cost, restaurant had to decide to keep cost reasonable or reduce portions. The Mouse can’t fault small business, but as a consumer, situation was a bit jarring.

The selection of kimchi was also cut down a bit.


Cucumber and cabbage kimchi, bean sprouts, green salad, and macaroni salad. Pre-unspeakable, there maybe two more vegetable offerings? Oh well.

Seaweed Soup, Fried Rice

The Mouse loaded up on vegetables, soup, and salad. Purposely took home the pork for The Cat’s bento. The fish would not survive as leftover.

The Mouse will return, to support small business, just not too often.

Posting late, internet connection was down, slightly windy weather.

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

Brisket Sandwich

BBQ prices over here in SPAM Land is pricey. The Mouse is not sure about the cost of running a BBQ business but ordering is pricey. The Mouse saw a new restaurant opening nearby. Menu prices were reasonable. The Mouse was interested in the roast pork sandwich, sadly item was discontinued. Sigh.

The Mouse went with a brisket sandwich with added fries. Still the brisket sandwich price was reasonable as compared with other places, not cheap, reasonable.


At a golf course nearby.

Brisket Detail

The Mouse is not sure the brisket was smoked, no smoke ring. Still very tender, moist, and tasty. The fries were good too. The Mouse would order again. Restaurant also has cold lobster, shrimp, and crawfish rolls on menu. The Mouse may want to try those too.

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

Try Try

Non-noodles, kinda. Low-carb.

Yam Noodles

The Mouse followed directions, boiled for three minutes, drained. The noodles had an ocean-y smell.

The Mouse made a bowl.

The Mouse’s Bowl

Yam noodles tossed with salt, pepper, Szechuan pepper powder, olive oil, boiled cabbage with furikake, popcorn chicken, kamaboko fishcake, and leftover egg fu yong. The noodle texture was stiffer than regular noodles. Not sure if The Mouse would opt this on a regular basis. Once in a while maybe.

One of The Mouse’s favorite snacks, usually in packages of five, too many.

Individual Dorayaki

Japanese pancake sandwich with red bean filling. The Mouse got excited with the individual package. 🙂

Mmm! 🙂

The Mouse made a rustic cabbage slaw.

Cabbage slaw

Chopped cabbage, Kewpie mayonnaise, salt, pepper, paprika, dried chives. Mmm!

Next time, The Mouse might add a few capers and the brine liquid. 🙂

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

Just Pics

The Mouse eats.

Chicken Salad Sandwich, Hot Dog Musubi

The Mouse ran an errand nearby, a detour into 7-Eleven before going home.

7-Eleven is building a new store closer to home, good news or bad news, maybe a little of both. Hee hee.

Kimchi Pork over Rice

Dinner from the grocery store, Foodland. Mmm.

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

Chicken and Waffle

Nothing fancy, toaster oven cooking. Hee hee.


Popcorn chicken from the grocery store, frozen waffle, honey bun. Just butter on the waffle. Almost a TV dinner. Hee hee.

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse


The Mouse used up leftover tofu. Cut into squares, pan-fried.


Medium heat.

Pan-Fried Tofu

Salt and paprika seasoned. The Cat liked.

The Cat brought home noms, one of her clients gifted.

Individual Packets

Pineapple shortbread snacks, made in Taiwan. Mmm. The Mouse has breakfast supply. 🙂

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

Try Try. Kin Wah Chop Suey.

Chop Suey Oxtail Soup

This bowl had glass noodles in it. Flavor was there, star anise, mustard cabbage. One oops, there were fragments from splitting the tail bones. The Cat had to be careful.

The Mouse ordered simple won ton soup.

Won Ton Soup

A go-to order for The Mouse. Mmm.

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse


The Cat’s.

Cobb Salad

Cafe at the mall.

The Mouse attended employer sponsored training session, support staff, lunch was paid for by office. Free lunch, can’t turn that down. Hee hee.

Vegetable Bento

Roasted eggplant, carrots, mushroom, pickled ginger, furikake rice. Can’t complain. 🙂

Today’s plan, chop suey oxtail soup. Try try.

Be safe, eat good.

Chop Suey Take-Out

Late dinner take-out, tax season for The Cat.


Char siu chow funn, egg fuyong. Leftover for the next meal. 🙂

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

The Mouse Eats

The Mouse playing with his food.


Turnip slices, kamaboko fishcake, pickled turnip, burdock banchan, tofu squares, furikake. Took longer to make than eat. Hee hee.

Instant Noodles, Frozen Vegetables, More Kamaboko

The Mouse did not add the soup package, less salt consumed. 🙂

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

Just Pics

The Mouse, working from home, nothing fancy eats.


Pastele, rice (about two and a half bites), sweet potato.

Simmered Turnip

With ginger, one dried date. The turnip absorbed the spiciness of the ginger. Salt added before serving. The water from cooking the turnip made for soup base for The Cat’s noodles, turnip-y and ginger-y. Hee hee.

The Cat’s Bento

The rest of the rice, pastele bite, leftover yuba rolls, fried pork crumb, sweet potato, turnip. 🙂

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

Mmm Lunch

The Mouse picked up last night on the clearance rack.

Pastele, Rice

Mmm, some of the rice will go into The Cat’s bento, maybe even some of the pastele. Hee hee.

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

Dim Sum/Yum Cha Again

A revisit to Kapiolani Seafood. The Mouse wanted to try their egg tart.

Egg Tarts

Very soft and creamy. The Mouse guesses lots of cream in the custard, he took to lactase pills, just in case. No untoward incident experienced. Whew!

Jook of the Day

Last week’s “flavor” was pork with preserved egg. This week, The Mouse thought the jook tasted like turkey or chicken with preserved egg. No matter, still good. 🙂

Chicken Dumplings

There was a hot pot dish, look funn with tendon on the menu, The Mouse was going to order. The Cat thought too much soup, the smaller bowl of chicken dumplings was ordered instead. The tendon was saved till next time.

The dumplings were very large, not bad, could be seasoned more. The Mouse’s opinion. The wrap was slightly thick. Try try.

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

Seafood Dishes

The local Ruby Tuesday running a small discount on their seafood dishes this month. Also introducing a new seafood dish. Small discount this month.

The Cat had her regular New Orleans Seafood plate.

Creole seasoned Tilapia, Sauteed Shrimp, Parmesan Cream Sauce, Baked Potato

The Mouse tried the new dish.

Furikake Ahi, Wasabi Cream, Baked Potato

The Mouse would order again. 🙂

The Mouse mixed French’s yellow mustard and shoyu for a “Chinese” dipping sauce. Mmm.

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

Try Try

The Mouse picked up from the grocery store.


The Mouse bought to enhance The Cat’s bento.

Monday Bento

Okinawan sweet potato, grilled saba fish, steamed Napa cabbage with sesame oil, twice steamed rice with furikake and fried pork rind crumb. Assembled by The Mouse.

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

The Mouse Eats


SPAM musubi, inari sushi, pickled turnip, spicy ahi poke. Good for watching TV. Hee hee.

Blueberry Something

From one of the Taiwanese bakeries here. Muffin, cupcake? Something. Tasty.

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

Canned Peas

Yea or nay? The Mouse doesn’t mind them, not as a regular staple, but occasionally.

Small-kid time, cheaper than fresh or frozen, The Mouse didn’t like them then.

Now, taste has changed, The Mouse doesn’t mind.

Rice Bowl with Canned Peas

Leftover mapo tofu. If The Mouse is doing stir-fry, frozen peas definitely, but leftover rice bowls, canned peas are okay. 🙂

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

Not Chicken and Waffles

The Mouse, at the grocery store, oftentimes, things not going as planned, not bad. Hee hee.

Long story short, The Mouse’s lunch.

Frozen Whole Wheat Waffles, Fried Fish, Kewpie Mayonnaise, Bulldog Sauce, Pickled Turnip

Looks weird, but it works. Hee hee.

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

Norman’s Saimin

Local item on Ruby Tuesday menu, story goes franchise owner put item on the menu in honor of his friend, Norman.

Norman’s Saimin

Roast pork (The Mouse tasted a little smoke too 🙂 , fishcake (kamaboko), and two dumplings (probably frozen). Other choice was won ton from Kin Wah Chop Suey but, Noman’s Saimin was on a flash sale. 🙂

Oh, also tried the honey buns bought from H Mart over the weekend.

Honey Buns

Toaster oven 300 degrees, ten minutes.

Bite View

A slightly sweet filling. Actually very good. Not too sweet, very smooth texture (no fiber). The Mouse would buy again. 🙂

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

New on Favorite List

Kapiolani Seafood Restaurant. First tried last week for yum cha/dim sum. The Cat wanted to try dinner menu (dim sum not served during dinner hours).

Scrambled Eggs with Bitter Melon

Dish reminded The Mouse of Okinawan goya (bitter melon, eggs, tofu stew). Not bad, eggs were a bit overcooked but still tasty.

Chinese Broccoli with Dried Fish Bits
Oxtail Stew, Red Wine Flavor

Slightly sweeter than what The Mouse is used to, first time try for The Cat (usually oxtail soup). Well made, kinda pricey, still worth it. Not an everyday order.

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

It was time to replace The Cat’s bento box. Guesstimate is the bento box is about ten years old, if not older. Saved a lot of plastic containers. 🙂

The top of the old bento box (plastic) is showing its age. The last time The Mouse visited H Mart, he noticed glass bento boxes that could replace, but The Cat has to choose.

New bento box.

New Bento Box

Similar in size to old bento box, glass container, plastic cover. The Cat said the new one is easier to close and secure. Paw up.

While at H Mart, try try frozen honey buns.

Honey Buns

Might toast one later. 🙂

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse


The Mouse, waiting for The Cat to come home, she was delayed at work.

L&R Drive-In.

Hamburger, Plain

The kitchen seasons their burger patties well. The Mouse opinion, no sauce/condiments needed (The Mouse would never eat a MickyD hamburger this way, needs all the condiments).

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

Friday Take-Out

Kin Wah Chop Suey.

Take-Out Boxes

Choi summ, pork with on choi (hollow stemmed greens), egg omelet.

Mmm! 🙂

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

Leftover Bowls

End of week clearing refridge. Dinner bowls for The Cat.

Bowl #1

Soft steamed leftover rice, frozen cauliflower, fresh egg. Second steaming to set egg and cook cauliflower. Toasted sesame oil drizzle and salt to taste.

Sake “Chazuke”

Twice steamed rice (extra water), ginger tea, lotus root, turnip, leftover salmon from bento lunch. The steam created an “old-timey” picture. 🙂

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

Running Errands

The Mouse running errands, picking up food along the way.

Shoyu Pork Bento

Dell’s Deli and Bakery, daily special. The Cat packed for her lunch, The Mouse has some for lunch too.

The Mouse Lunch

Potato and pork croquette, mentaiko musubi, onion roll. Dell’s and Ebi-ya bakery.

Mmm! 🙂

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

Small-Kid Time Snack

The Cat brought home a package.


From one of her clients. Mmm.

In Package

The Mouse can’t eat too much, maybe one piece a day. Still a treat. 🙂

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

Odd and Ends

Fried Rice

Kin Sun, neighborhood take-out. Not bad, small container, $5 dollars,

Asian Salad

Grocery store, The Mouse guesses adding canned oranges makes it “Asian”? Hmm.

Egg Tarts

85o Bakery at the mall. Easy take-out, don’t have to go to dim sum place.

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

A New Favorite

The Cat didn’t want Valentine’s dinner (a working weekday). Yum cha dim sum instead. New-ish place.

Order Ticket
Char Siu Puff Pastry
Chicken Feet
Pan Fried Look Funn Rolls
Custard Buns with Salted Egg Yolk
Green Tea Gin Dui

All mmm. The dinner menu looks intriguing too. 🙂

The Cat has approved a return visit soon.

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

Shoyu Chicken

The Cat was in mood for shoyu chicken. Her normal haunt, Asian Mix, not on the menu. The Cat took a walk to Chinatown from her office, Nam Fong (take-out only).

Shoyu Chicken

Well cooked. Light on the shoyu flavor. Shop packed a small container of shoyu sauce for extra taste.

The Mouse thought pretty good, The Cat wanted more flavor.

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

Ground Pork Stew

The Mouse threw ingredients in a pot.

Mushrooms, Potatoes, Ground Pork, Zucchini

Original plan was tomato sauce based. But, The Mouse called an audible. Hee hee.

Ground pork, ginger, lotus root, mushroom, carrot, liquid smoke, salt and pepper to taste. Kalua pork inspired.


Not photogenic but tasty, on rice or pasta, mmm!

The potatoes were steamed separate and the zucchini went into The Cat’s miso soup.

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

The Cat Lunches

Istanbul Restaurant.

Hummus Salad with Chicken

The hummus serves as dressing. The Cat thought the chicken was slightly overcooked, tasty though.

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

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