Sunday brunch/lunch.

Sign Says It All

Not only AYCE but at a discount. The pake in us went for it.


Pre-cooking, still “clean”.

The highlights.

Cauliflower Tempura


Hanger Steak


Pork Toro

Pork cheeks? This was a winner.

Beef Heart


Filet Mignon

Another winner.

The Mouse thinks next time, concentrate on the pork toro and filet mignon. 🙂

But, hightpoint of the meal was dessert.


The Mouse almost forgot about these (last time ate them was at camp, more than forty years ago), first time for The Cat.

The Cat’s S’More

Ordered a second order. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse


“New” product at the farmers market.

“Pop Snack”

The Mouse saw these at the Korean supermarket but at $5.00-$6.00 thought they were kinda pricey.

At the farmers market, “manufacturer” is selling directly, cutting out the “middle”.

Sample test kinda reminded me of the “diet” puffed rice cakes in the supermarket (you know the ones that “taste” like styrofoam, not that The Mouse has ever eaten styrofoam, just looks like it might, Hee hee). These “pop snacks” are a little better.

“Pop Snack”

Two flavors, cinnamon and sweet potato. The Cat wanted to get a bag of sweet potato.

Vendor recommended watching K-Drama and eating pop snacks. Hee hee?

The Cat might try it for breakfast with coffee or tea.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

Lost in Translation?

Late dinner. The Mouse thought The Cat would finish work early yesterday, The Mouse was wrong. Ended up in Chinatown.

The Cat thought menu (and server) said kale and vegetables two ways. Since when Chinese restaurants (the normal non-gourmet type) use kale? Actually, it was fish (The Mouse thinks it was snapper), not kale. Go figure.

Fish Soup with Tofu

It was okay until we got down to the bottom of the bowl, too many bones, too many for The Mouse to handle, The Cat liked.

Second course was fish fillets (same fish), with vegetables.

Fish and Vegetable Stir-Fry

Okay, just okay, maybe black bean sauce next time?

In another instance of “lost in translation”, new take-out joint, opened this week in the neighborhood. Chinese take-out.


A month or so ago, place was a BBQ joint (franchised from a well known local “BBQ” dive in Kapalama/Kalihi area. Place didn’t even last a year. After about a month, this place opens.

The Mouse thinks, but not confirmed, same owner/family converted the BBQ to Chinese take-out. Maybe more familiar to the family’s experience?

The Mouse tried.

Three-Choice Plate

Fried rice, salad, Chinese roast pork, spicy eggplant, ma-po tofu. Roast pork was a winner, although it was sitting in a warming try, skin was crispy, not glass shattering crispy, but acceptable crispy. Meat and fat was very well-balanced and not oily/greasy. Ma-po tofu and eggplant was okay (Chinese take-out standards).

Maybe not a frequent go-to spot, but when (not if) The Mouse is jonesing for roast pork, convenient.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse



Not much happening Friday in SPAM Land. Thoughts to those facing near apocalypse on the Big Island.

Lunch (The Cat’s).

Shrimp & Arugula with Sweet Corn

Wild shrimp, petite tomatoes, warm polenta croutons, parmesan cheese crisp, creamy garlic vinaigrette.

The Mouse’s.

Subway Kid’s Meal

All inclusive, plus toy! Hee hee.

The Mouse is heading off to three doctor’s appointment today. Ugh!

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

Try Try

Newly opened in the neighborhood.


Dunno why (font maybe) but the movie Pan’s Labyrinth flashed in The Mouse’s mind. Weird, I know.

Mochiko Chicken and Shoyu Pork Special

For The Mouse. Dunno if pork was belly, little too lean, tasty though. Chicken was decent.

For The Cat.

Grilled Salmon

Rice went to The Cat, mac salad to The Mouse.

Since The Cat worked a little late, The Mouse did a little modification.

Jook with Grilled Salmon

Rice stayed warm and squishy, just how The Cat likes.

And for vegetable.

Sliced Cucumber

Dressed with mirin and rice vinegar.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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