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Green River

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Like Going to Grandma’s

Found this placeon Yelp and was intrigued. I thought at one time there was a business sign but it’s no longer there. The entrance looks like walking into grandma’s garage that she converted to a place to hangout. Tables and chairs are mismatched, vintage or antique gumball vending machines, candy vending machines, and whatnot are scattered throughout. The whole place is a time capsule. I wanted to take pictures of the interior and some of the antiques but I thought I might offend the patrons and owner (maybe next time when it’s not as full).

Bert's Cafe, Entrance

Sandwiches top out at two dollars, plate lunches are about six dollars. One of the selections was fried liver. I gotta come back. I seem to be on a sandwich mode lately (maybe it’s because I’m still looking for a good banh place.

Tuna Sandwich and BLT

Choice of white or wheat bread. Nothing fancy, just honest food. The two sandwiches totaled $3.50 with no tax. Talk about cheap eats.

Although the socks stayed on, I would definitely go back to try other dishes (and take more pictures). I hear the fried liver calling.


The Mouse

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Fare Thee Well

Stopped in to pay my water bill. Overheard that Yuki’s Lunchwagon is retiring at the end of the month. I used to frequent it quite often when I worked in the area. The menu had some unusual items such as curried chicken salad with cranberries. I ran over to take one last picture.

Yuki's Lunchwagon

Some of the regular customers were just getting the news too. One patron’s “NO!” could rival Darth Vader’s in intensity (I think he needs a support group).

The owner seemed quite happy about retiring. Good for her, not so good for her regular customers. C’est la vie.

Thanks for the food, fare the well.

The Mouse

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Almost Dessert

Picked up a loaf of banana taro bread from the “Baker Dude” at the farmers market (its been in our freezer, that’s why the condensation).

Banana Taro Bread

With a name like the “Baker Dude” how could I resist?

Banana Taro Slice

The texture is medium dense, the taste is like banana bread (duh!). But the addition of chocolate puts it in the category of almost dessert (in my opinion).

Definitely will look for the “baker dude” again to get more of this loaf and try other varieties. 🙂

Here’s his Yelp page.


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Tunnel Vision

Breakfast meeting this weekend with someone from out-of-town. Had to pick someplace that was  relatively reasonable and had a view. Ended up here.


I think the restaurant tries to showcase locally sourced ingredients, a sample of their offerings.

For me, breakfast is eggs and rice. Everything else helps to support the first two.

Plate #1

Plate #2

As you can see, I was experiencing tunnel vision with the mini loco moco. A small amount of rice, a bit of chopped beef (not a hamburger patty), an egg, and gravy. Not the traditional massive proportions. Add to that sautéed Hamakua mushrooms, the socks definitely came off. On my last trip to the buffet line …

Plate #3

Natto! This was over the top, icing on the cake. The Mouse was doing a happy dance with a big smile. 🙂

Natto, Green Onions, and Japanese Pickles

The mini loco moco, mushrooms, and of course natto stole the show. There were much more food to select from (and I’m sure all good), I wish I could have tried them all, but priorities are priorities. 😛


The Mouse

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