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Just Pics

The Cat in the last stretch of official tax season, eats in the office.

Won Ton Noodles

Actually looks good to The Mouse. 🙂

The Mouse picked up from the grocery store.

Fried Chicken Mini Plate

Good deal under five bucks, good cheap eats. 🙂

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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The go-to dishes for The Mouse at Panda Express are their teri chicken and super greens. The Mouse mixed is up a little bit and got a side of their mushroom chicken (moo goo gai pan).

Chicken and Mushrooms

Pretty good. Because of the sauce (gravy), chicken stayed moist and tender. The mushrooms and zucchini were good too.

The Mouse made a riff on buttered noodles. Tube pasta with olive oil (no butter nor cheese).

Tube Pasta

Lightly salted, heavy on the ground pepper and dried parsley. Not bad, but oh the days when The Mouse did not have digestive issues with dairy.

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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The Mouse had a portion of kalua pork in the freezer, no cabbage in the house, had an onion though.

Sliced the onion as thin as I could, The Mouse can always practice his knife skills. Hee hee.

Sliced Onions

The Mouse is quite sure the effort would not pass any of the chef’s inspection, oh well, still edible. Hee hee.

Stir-fried the onions on medium low heat until they started to caramelize, added the kalua pork to warm.


Pork on the left, onions on the right. Mmm Nom! The Mouse ate straight from the pan (faster clean up), don’t tell The Cat.

For starch, The Mouse warmed a pita. Added a couple of shiso leaves for the token green. Hee hee.

Pita and Shiso

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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The Mouse, eating leftovers. The Cat doesn’t eat bell peppers, or any kind of peppers for that matter (digestion issues), but she likes the taste, go figure. So, The Mouse has to “clean-up”.


Fried rice, spicy eggplant, bell peppers from the twice cooked pork.

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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A revisit to Simply Sichuan.

Twice Cooked Pork

The main ingredient is pork belly. The pork is simmered until soft, then stir-fried with vegetables. The Mouse thought the pork should be crispy but The Cat’s brother said otherwise. If (and a big if), The Mouse attempt this dish, the pork will be crisped. 🙂

Spicy Eggplant on Fried Rice

A lunch special. Ordered mild. Quantity was ginormous, enough for three meals. 🙂

Stir-Fried Lotus Root


The Cat also ordered a bowl of dan dan noodles (same as last week).

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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