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End of an Era





Hotel that the restaurant is located in wants to turn the space into a spa.

Dinner with The Cat’s brother.

Fish Egg Drop Soup


Stuffed Eggplant, Bell Pepper, and Tofu with Black Bean Sauce


Capitol Pork Chops


Tong Kong Spiced Chicken


Chinese Five Spice Sauce (for the chicken)


Bamboo Pith with Shanghai Cabbage

According to the hostess, they might be looking for a new location. Hope.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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McD Redemption

Good on their word, McD replaced the “cheesed” sandwiches (and more).

Sriracha Grilled Chicken on Sesame Seed Bun


Filet-o-Fish Sandwich

How The Mouse likes it.

Tartar Sauce, No Cheese


Manager even threw in a small fries.

Small Fries

The “bill”.

No Charge

McD, you’re back on the “nice” list. 🙂

Hee hee.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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So, The Cat’s brother arrived yesterday, understandably wanted comfort food. The Mouse suggested Hong Kong Noodle House.


In retrospect, kinda dumb suggestion. Why would someone fly in from Hong Kong and then eat Hong Kong noodles in SPAM Land? In the end, it worked out since the soup noodles were comfort food. Hee hee.

The Cat’s Roast Duck Lai Funn Soup Bowl

Kinda like Chinese udon noodles. The Cat liked.

The Mouse’s Won Ton Mein

The Cat’s bro ordered beef stew noodle soup. He liked. Just like Hong Kong. 🙂

After a long plane flight, comfort food (however the definition) is a good thing.

The Noodle Master

The Hong Kong egg noodles are made in-house, the look funn and lai funn are outsourced. Maybe from Lam’s Kitchen? Dunno.

Nearby Butcher

Check out his chopping block, can’t get any more old school. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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After Drinks

Food! Since we were in Chinatown (see previous post). In the last couple of years, new “trendy” eating spots have opened up and helped to revitalize and “clean up” the Chinatown area. Not so much the center, but the outlying streets. Nearby Manifest.

Yakitori Hachibei

The Mouse really wanted to try but they were full that night. 😦

Tattoo Parlor

If The Mouse were ever to get a tattoo (not likely, afraid of needles and pain), maybe a mouse with a chef’s knife in one paw and a cast iron frying pan in the other? Hee hee.

Ended up here.


Positive rating on Yelp, try try.

Plant Wall

More wall art? Hee hee. Too bad the plants were not herbs. Oh well.

Steak Knife

First time for The Mouse to try a Laguiole knife. Looks nice, but sorry, seems this particular knife was more hype than performance. Maybe it was too old, dunno.

On to the food.


The Cat’s order. mushrooms and an onsen egg. Both The Cat and The Mouse thought there was too much something in the dish (maybe strong cheese), threw off the taste of the dish. Too bad, the ingredients sounded tasty. Maybe because the executive chef/owner wasn’t there. 😦

Burger and Fries

The Mouse’s order. Had better luck. Simple but well made. The Mouse liked the caramelized onions in the burger.

Meyer’s Lemon Sorbet

The Mouse thought it tasted similar to Key Lime pie (a good thing).

Heading out to pick up The Cat’s brother (visiting from Hong Kong).

Have a great weekend!

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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Wall Art and Drinks

Last night, the teacher/mentor/trainer that The Cat took a public speaking class from debuted her new book. The Cat went to support, The Mouse tagged along.

Manifest in Chinatown.

Wall Art

The place looks like an alleyway between two buildings. Exposed brickwork, cement floor, bare bones. Upscale dive bar?

The Place

I think because of the exposed brick, and cement floor, the place gets very noisy. Too noisy for The Mouse.

More Wall Art

The Cat and The Mouse each got a coupon for a beer or soft drink.

The Cat’s Beer



Not bad, light, refreshing.

The Mouse’s Lilikoi Italian Soda


Part II, dinner, tomorrow.

Enjoy. Eat (and drink) well.

The Mouse

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