The Mouse’s phone (and related camera) is kaput. Can’t update nor restore (which is what started this downhill slide in the first place). Can’t restart. Big sigh!

Please Stand By

Went to the phone carrier, said it was a product issue. Went to the Apple store, walk-in wait over four hours. Next appointment is later next week. Why would you create a product that people “can’t live without” and not have the technical support to service it in a timely manner? Where’s Steve Jobs when you need him?

Going to stand in line this morning hoping to be one of the first walk-ins for service.

The Mouse wonders if turning into a Luddite is not such a bad thing.

Anyway, keep you posted.

The Mouse


More Char

This time, eggplant.


Partially peeled, medium sliced. medium low heat, non-stick pan, avocado oil, finish with sprinkle of salt (like French fries). 🙂

Pan Charred Eggplant

Original plan was to put a miso glaze. Ran out of time. The Mouse would fail in an Iron Chef competition. Sigh.

The Cat liked anyway.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

Building Avocado Toast

The Mouse built for The Cat.

Start with

Whole Wheat Toast



Top with

Crunchy Pork Belly Lardon, Kaua‘i Sea Salt, and Herb Infused Mac Nut Oil

The Cat liked.

The Mouse made himself a little something less ambitious.

Avocado Sandwich

Butter and Vegemite, Romaine lettuce.

Enjoy. Eat well

The Mouse

Brussels Sprouts

The Cat’s newest food obsession.

Picked up a small package from the weekend’s farmers market.

Brussels Sprouts

A little pork fat, non-stick pan, medium low heat, Kaua‘i sea salt to finish. Simple

Pan Fried Brussels Sprouts

Have to get that little char. 🙂

The Cat liked, seems to be into charred veggies at the moment, must be the season. Hee hee.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

The Mouse’s latest “obsession”, mushroom gravy.

This week’s one pot.

Dried Mushroom


Canned Mushroom

Normally, The Mouse wouldn’t use canned mushroom but since the dish was a long braise/simmer, no difference.

Shemeiji Mushrooms

Kinda reminds The Mouse of the Fantasia movie sequence. Hee hee.

“Button Mushrooms”




Pork Belly


Mushroom Gravy

Everything in the pot and hope for the best.

Mushroom Gravy/Stew with Turnip and Pork Belly

The Cat packed her bento with the stew and cranberry curry rice.

Cranberry Curry Jasmine Rice

Thanks for stopping by.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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