Laundry Day Snack

Yesterday was wash towels day. Easier to wash and dry towels at the laundromat than at home.

Fictional Depiction

Next door, is an old school bakery (I think I posted about it before).


Super old school.

Inside Sign

Just FYI, Foremost Dairies shut its doors back in 2004. Jus’ sayin’. 🙂

Red Bean Bun and Tea Cake

The Mouse has to do something while waiting for the laundry to finish. Hee hee.

Bite Shot

Off to the farmers market.

A little late today, temporary power outage.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

CPK, Part II

Met up with Auntie M, her sorta ex-daughter-in-law (don’t ask, I’m confused too).

Nothing fancy, CPK in Kahala Mall.

A little appetizer for the table.

Crispy Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Menu description: Our classic mac ‘n’ cheese lightly fried with panko, served on creamy cheese sauce. Not bad, thought it could be creamier.

Banh Mi Bowl

The Cat’s order, menu description: Quinoa, baby kale, fresh cilantro & mint topped with grilled chicken, watermelon radishes, fresh avocado, cucumbers, carrots, bean sprouts, scallions and sesame seeds. Served with housemade chili-lime vinaigrette and serrano peppers.

The Cat didn’t mind the bowl. The Mouse thought the menu picture looked better than the actual bowl (didn’t taste it tho’).

California Club and Dakota Smashed Pea + Barley Soup

The Mouse’s order, menu description: Grilled chicken breast with fresh avocado and Nueske’s applewood smoked bacon.

Decent. Had the soup before, green and hearty.

Stratified View

Kitchen was generous with the ingredients, especially the mayo. Now, to put it in perspective, here in SPAM Land, mayo is its own food group (think mac and potato salad). But for this sandwich, the ingredients were just a touch overwhelmed by the mayo, IMO.

Food was decent, just not wow. Plus, The Cat had a promotional gift card that helped with the check.

Sometimes, it’s just not about the food but the gathering of friends and family.


Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

Fowl Day

Almost turned into foul day. Food-wise, day was planned out. Lunch and dinner from the grocery store, different branches. Lunch, grilled chicken (local BBQ), dinner, turkey.

Lunch went off without a hitch.

You’ve seen this before.


Grilled Chicken, Okinawan Sweet Potato, Steamed Vegetables

Dinner was a different ball of wax.

Branch near home ran out of food (each branch has different daily menus). Wha? Wah!

I was originally gonna title the post Times 2 but the “out of food” situation kinda threw a monkey wrench into the plan, or is it Murphey’s Law?

Luckily, the nearby Zippy’s saved the food day.


Not nearly as cheap, and no drink included, but turkey is turkey.

Turkey Plate, All Tossed Salad

The Mouse did some “modifications” at home.

Add Tomato and Okinawan Sweet Potato

The day sorta turned out okay.

What adventure will today be?

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse


Ham Day

And bacon. Hee hee.

Started with breakfast. The Mouse had a coupon. Buy the “hash brown” and coffee, sandwich is free.

Ham Croissant Breakfast Sandwich and Hash Brown

All for just under $4 bucks. Pake mouse. Hee hee.

Lunch was a made-to-order ham sandwich from Honey Glazed Hams of Hawai‘i.

Sandwich in Process

Not paper-thin slices. Thick and tender cuts.

Ham Sandwich


In the afternoon, an unexpected treat from one of the bosses.

Bacon Donut and Cream Pastry

Ham and bacon day!

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

Two Cans

No, not the mascot for kid’s cereal. Canned vegetables. Small-kid time, ate a lot of vegetables from cans. Some I still like, spinach (while watching Popeye cartoons), corn, and tomato. Some, absolutely no, peas, green beans. Bleh.

Yesterday’s pick from big box store.

Spinach and Mix

The one on the left you know I like. The one on the right is a new one to The Mouse. Corn and tomatoes good, okra, try try.

Decided the mix can would be breakfast.


Hmm. Tomatoes seem bigger than pictured. Had to stir and dig around to get to the corn and okra.


Taste not bad, V-8 ish, okra a bit twiggy (not as soft as The Mouse thought), tomato size were huge compared with the corn and okra. Just ok. Don’t think I will be actively searching for the can in the future.

Oh, also had a slice of toast with Vegemite.

Vegemite Toast

Highlight of breakfast. Hee hee.

The spinach served as lunch vegetable along with the aubergine stew (previous post).

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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