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Eating Healthier

Just for yesterday, Hee hee.

Breakfast, The Mouse wanted fruit.


Granny Smith apple, red seedless grapes, apple banana, and frozen French Toast. Mmm.

Try try.

Neighborhood grocery store stocking more products imported from Japan. Zero calorie gelatin.


Peach flavored.

Peach Gelatin

Instead of gelatin, agar agar was used to “solidify” the dessert. Because zero calories, the taste was a little artificial.

Next time, The Mouse is going for the regular, about 200 calories, similar to one candy bar. “Damn the torpedoes, full (or is it fool, hee hee) speed ahead!” 😉

Be safe and well.

The Mouse

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Market Day

Wednesday has kinda evolved into market day. The papaya delivery is on Wednesday.


Apple bananas, white nectarines, papayas.

Red Seedless Grapes

For The Mouse. 🙂

Be safe and well.

The Mouse

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Just a Sprinkle

Recently, The Mouse has been sprinkling cinnamon on apples. He knows, not a new concept, but …

Cinnamon on Apple

Not too much otherwise The Mouse experiences constipation (sorry, TMI).

Sweeter than sprinkling li hing powder, probably healthier too. 🙂

Be safe and well.

The Mouse

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The Kamiya Papaya

The papaya that people were waiting for at the grocery store finally ripened.


The Mouse cut and cleaned.

Ready to Eat

The Cat ate. She said sweeter and juicier. Although better than the other papaya we usually buy, it is twice the price. A once in a while treat.

Be safe and well.

The Mouse

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Saturday dinner. Drive-in and grocery store take out, with a quick “instant” soup.

Pork Nishime and Rice

Li Hing Pineapple

Clearance at the grocery store. 🙂 \ooo/

The Mouse assembled a fruit bowl.

Li Hing Pineapple, Red Grapes, Orange

Grilled Chicken, Mapo Tofu, All Rice

Drive-in take-out. Mmm.

Dinner and two bento. Good deal.

Vegetable Soup

Soup for The Cat.

Wakame, frozen cauliflower and mixed vegetables, sea salt, toasted sesame oil, lots of steam. Hee hee.

Be safe and well.

The Mouse

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