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SPAM and eggs at MickyD’s.

SPAM and Eggs

The SPAM was fried just right, slightly crispy. The rice left something to be desired, a little on the dry side, next time saving the rice for jook. The eggs? The Mouse had visions of sci-fi films (2001 A Space Odyssey, Alien, Blade Runner) come to mind. Actually not bad in a non-egg sorta way (if that makes any sense). Oh well.

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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Another “weird” Saturday schedule, expected for the holiday season. The Mouse’s car needed oil service. Early morning appointment. Bonus! dealership had free popcorn! The Mouse ate a small bag, no salt, no butter. 🙂

Late breakfast, just missed the MickyD cutoff. “Filipino” take-out.





Meat Close Up

The Mouse chose fried rice, needed Lau Gan Ma, sausage and SPAM were well prepared, kitchen plated spinach instead of the onion and tomato salad, no vinegar dressing. Maybe kitchen thought since The Mouse wasn’t Filipino, tone down the flavors. That’s ok, spinach, wilted by the hot meat was good too (with a touch of Lau Gan Ma).

For dinner, went to our favorite Mexican restaurant on the Windward side. Not only for the food, but for the musical stylings of (never got his name). Have to ask next time.

First time for The Cat.

Giant Burrito

The Cat wanted to try, she surrendered after about a third. Remainder is for The Mouse’s bento tomorrow.

The Mouse ordered the usual fiesta bowl but this time with seafood (swai fish and shrimp).

Seafood Fiesta Bowl

No dairy, extra lime and salsa. The Mouse’s bowl was good, but he thinks he will be sticking to carnitas and chile verde in the future.

Farmers market and last minute Christmas shopping on the schedule today.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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Yesterday was a kind of Murphy’s law day, not serious, just enough.

Breakfast was last minuted from the nearby grocery store, along with fruit and vegetables, and oatmeal for the week.


Fried rice, scrambled eggs, SPAM. It was the tail end of the breakfast hour so kinda almost, but not quite leftover quality (or a little too much time on the steam table), but still not bad, “comfort” food. The Lau Gan Ma chili sauce, just a little, helped.

And since it was a late breakfast, and The Mouse was at the grocery store, he added a little side dish.

Poke with Kukui Nut

Again, with a touch of Lau Gan Ma. The Mouse loves spicy tuna but decided to cut down on the mayonnaise. The Lau Gan Ma is a worthy substitute. Not the same mouthfeel but the Szechuan pepper mouth-numbing effect makes up for it. Hee hee.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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Treats on the return.

So, the last time we were in the area, The Mouse spotted a cap he was intrigued with, but because we were in a rush to see sunflowers, The Mouse blew by. Filed in the back of his mind.

Since we were in the area … check it out. The old Wailua sugar mill, converted into a small shop and chocolate/coffee processing operation.

After a quick tour of the operations, The Cat found her chocolate covered coffee beans. She also picked up a chocolate bar (all Waialua chocolate) and a bottle of mac nut oil.

In the Basket

And yes, the item The Mouse was interested in. A SPAM cap!


Hee hee!

The Cat and The Mouse also found a new natural drink The Cat is liking.

The Trailer

Mush smaller than a truck. In another sugar mill converted into a shopping/eating complex.

Sugar Cane Juice

We googled it. The juice has health benefits as well as refreshing. Good deal!

Outside the Trailer

I think the owner wanted to show that she is authentic. Kinda cute. The Mouse shoulda thought faster and asked for some of the pulp to throw on the grass at home. Bringing a large trash bag next time. 🙂

To all our veterans, thank you.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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Cheap Eats

The Mouse’s dinner, picked up on the way home.

Apple, SPAM Kimbap

The Mouse was kinda craving fries, or tater tots. He picked up this instead.

Fried Mandoo

Kinda fit the criteria, fried, crunchy, salty. A few minutes in the toaster oven, good as new. Hee hee.

Did the mandoo satisfy the craving, kinda sorta. Does The Mouse still want fries or tots? Hmm, thinking, maybe the weekend. Hee hee.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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