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Not a typical Sunday. Did not visit the farmers market, trek into town.

Breakfast at a place The Mouse been wanting to try for years. MAC 24/7. The Cat ordered mochi pancakes to try.

Mochi Pancakes

Soft and chewy, like a gummi bear. Hee hee. Leftover just as good. The Mouse would order these.

Funny, The Mouse couldn’t find breakfast to order, since it’s a diner concept, the whole menu is available “24/7”. The Mouse went with his standby BLT sandwich.

BLT on Wheat Toast

Very good, a sufficient amount of bacon, crispy. Fries were pretty good too.

A trip to the mall and lunch at another “diner”, Liliha Bakery at the mall.

The Cat’s turn, BLTA with add on lobster bisque.

BLTA on Crescent Bread

Again, a decent amount of bacon, not as crispy though. Still good.

Lobster Bisque

The Cat thinks for a diner, good job on the soup. The Mouse thinks The Cat found a new lunch spot when she’s at the mall.

The Mouse tried their signature hamburger steak.

With brown rice and green salad for balance

The Mouse likes. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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Jus’ kidding. Cubicle eating.

Recently, The Mouse has to start with coffee. Not good, have to cut back, so hard when coffee at 7-Eleven is so cheap.


Most Kona coffee blends have 10% or less Kona coffee, this one has 20%! Score!

The coffee is usually accompanied by a bowl of oatmeal, extra fiber (weekdays/workdays).

Yesterday, the warehouse owner’s mother (one of the founders) passed around mochi (why? dunno, just smile, say thank you, and eat).

Mochi with Red Bean

Nom, thanks Mrs. K.

Heading to our first gastropub for lunch. Should be interesting.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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Snack Stop

Back of the farmers market, while searching for cassava, tiny snack shop.

The Mouse ate.

Roast Duck Bao Buns

Cheap eats.

Cartoon Bao

Sweet. Filled with taro, black sesame, matcha, and The Mouse forgot the last one.


Cute ya?

And since The Mouse was in the neighborhood, stopped in at Nishodo Candy.


Old school mochi shop. Peanut butter (The Mouse’s fave), lilikoi, coconut (The Mouse’s least fave), green tea, and regular red bean. Chomp.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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One of the mochi from last week.


Filled with red bean, pretty normal, but here’s the kicker, mochi was studded with ume! Awesome! Think asian flavored sea salt caramel. It’s that good. Maybe even better! 🙂

I know, Christmas still days away, but The Mouse bought little somethings for himself (and the kitchen).

Wood Composite Spatula, Folding Knife

The Mouse has been wanting to try one of the wood composite utensils for a while. The cheapo wooden utensil we usually buy gets beaten up pretty fast.

Oftentimes when The Mouse attends gatherings/potlucks/parties, he ends up helping prep or “food service”. Not that he minds but sometimes a small knife is needed and none to be found. The Mouse picked up an inexpensive Kershaw to use as a carry “prep” knife. Just so happens Kershaw is connected with Kai knives who produce the Shun line of knives. Just another useless trival tidbit roaming around in The Mouse’s head. Hee hee.

Jury still out about the knife. Definitely usable. But perfect? Not sure yet.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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Mochi Haul

Sorta a continuation from previous post. Mochi from The Cat’s client.


Insulated, can be repurposed as a lunch bag.

First Container

An assortment of mochi, stuffings, and manju. Nom!

Container Two

Bigger mochi, not cracked open yet.


Thanks C & G for the noms.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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