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Not planned, coincidence?

The Cat’s eats.

Turkey Panini

The Mouse eats.

Pre-Packed Turkey Sandwich

From the grocery store.

McChicken Sandwich and Fries

Meal deal, $3.99 for both. 🙂

Happy new year’s eve, y’all.

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

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More Odds & Ends

Cucumber Kimchi

Cucumber kimchi and pickled turnip, maybe some of The Mouse’s favorite banchan.

Pork Nishime Bento

The Mouse tasted a little smoke on the pork. Mmm!

Brownie Bites

The Mouse thinks approximately two regular brownie portions. Controlled consumption. 🙂

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

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Between holidays.

Pastry Plate

Reasonably priced. Wolfgang’s Steakhouse for breakfast. The Cat and The Mouse ordered their usual smoked salmon and vegetable benedicts, already saw them, no picture.

The Mouse wanted something sweet. Took most home for another breakfast.

The Mouse “assembled” a home eats lunch, rice, sardines, sliced sweet onion, steamed together. Mmm. Not photogenic, no pic.

The Mouse’s turf and turf burger.

Custom Quarter Pounder

No salt, light ketchup and mustard, heavy pickles. The Mouse added a breakfast sausage patty. Turf and turf, hee hee. Mmm!

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

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Snacking noms before Christmas dinner. Legend Chinese restaurant.

Mixed Grill

Pan-fried turnip cake, dumplings

More Mixed Grill

Stuffed eggplant, crispy tofu.

Tofu Skin Roll

Filled with ground pork.

Snowy Bao Buns

Baked bao buns topped with sugar? The top is sweet and crunchy. 🙂

Be safe,eat good.

The Mouse

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Location was first restaurant that had a reservation opening. Try try. The Mouse studied the menu beforehand, but alas, the best laid plans … restaurant menu was special Christmas prix fixe menu. Okay, rolling with it.

“Instant Bacon”

Braised pork belly, deep fried, “instant” smoked, soy glazed, served with tempura oyster. For the Cat and The Mouse, meal could have ended here. Eight paws up.

Herb-Roasted Jidori Chicken

Not bad, okay. If The Mouse had a choice, he would have a double order of pork belly. Hee hee. The turnip and the won ton were good. 🙂

Mac-Crusted Mahi Mahi

Again, not bad, okay. The Cat agreed about the double order of pork belly.

Chocolate Cake

The cherries was a nice touch. Okay, next time, double order “instant” bacon and chocolate cake.

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

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