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Place had good reviews, The Mouse had an urge to try.


I know, hospital cafeteria, but, write up was intriguing (from their website).

The Bistro is Adventist Health Castle’s cafeteria, located in the hospital’s lower level and open to the public.


In keeping with the traditions of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, The Bistro emphasizes good health.

Several features distinguish The Bistro from the cafeterias in most hospitals:

  • Although some of our dishes are made with dairy products or eggs, no meat at all is served.
  • We emphasize fresh foods. At every meal, there is always a selection of cooked fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, and a salad bar.
  • We take pride in not using dishes that are pre-prepared. Nearly all of our entrées are made from scratch. As much as possible, we use individual ingredients, not pre-packaged combinations.
  • Although not all of our dishes are moderate in fat and sodium, we always offer something that is.
  • We always offer at least one entrée that is strictly vegan—containing no dairy products or eggs.

The Mouse’s plate.

Mock Beef Broccoli, Vegan Lasagna, Roasted Eggplant and Bell Pepper

Not bad, bearing in mind this was a hospital after all. I think in trying to lessen the salt and oil, the chef over seasoned the dishes slightly. In The Cat’s words, “kinda medicine-y” taste. But price was decent, and try try.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse


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Over the Hump

It’s been an “interesting” week so far, tropical storm threat (we survived again), work “drama”, needed a pork pick-me-up. Hee hee.

Char Siu Plate

From the grocery store on the way home. Simple but satisfying (notice the “burnt” ends? Mmm).

And dessert.

Egg Tarts

Happy Mouse

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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Local neighborhood take-out joint. Used to frequent under previous owner. After ownership changed, Yelp reviews were not favorable.

After yesterday’s dentist “ordeal” needed comfort food. Impromptu “give it a shot”.


Previous name was May May BBQ, go figure.

Went with one of The Mouse’s “benchmark” (is this the correct use of the word?) dishes to determine the establishment’s “cred”. Sorry TMI.

“Kalua Pork” and Cabbage

Okay, The Mouse is getting technical here, but this one of The Mouse’s favorite dishes, so each chef “gotta get it right”. Pork was not done in an imu, definite liquid smoke taste. But, flavor was well balanced, not too salty, good porky flavor. Meat was tender but not “fall apart”, a good thing. Cabbage to meat ratio was good (could’ve used a little bit more cabbage, but minor). I know right? Since when is too much meat a bad thing, In this case, in The Mouse’s opinion, if the Kalua pork is well seasoned, ratio of meat to cabbage should be about 1/3 to 2/3. Overall though, good job. On the “order again” list.

And since I was there, and lunch was late, and teeth were somewhat clean (I know, The Mouse is just rationalizing, Hee hee).

Deep Fried “Gau Gee” and Steamed Pork Hash

Gau gee was another winner, fresh fried, still tongue burning hot, “glass shattering: crispy. Pork hash was more “meh”. Not bad, but The Mouse has had better.

Heading to the new Morimoto (Iron Chef) spot tonight. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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School invites employees for lunch (employee choice of day) for free, once-a-year. The Mouse decided to use the freebie past Monday.

Ham and Turkey Sandwich, Turkey Roll Up


Sandwich Cross Cut View

Ham, turkey, spinach, mustard, mayo. It is make your own sandwich after all. Hee hee.

Turkey Roll Up Detail

You had me at avocado. Hee hee.

Cookies and Brownie

Because it is cookies and brownie. Hee hee.

Pork Cutlet and Stuffing

The pork cutlet, stuffing, and cookies went home with The Mouse for his dinner.

Two meals for free! The pake in The Mouse was very happy.

And why did The Mouse decide to use the freebie on that day? Tell you about it soon. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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Campus chef Friday offering. Kalua pork with cabbage. Gotta try.

Cabbage to kalua pork ratio was too much pork. I know, is there such a thing as too much pork?

Kalua Pork and Cabbage (on the right)

Lau lau was not on the menu.

For The Mouse, the best part of the lau lau is the luau leaf wrapping, don’t get me wrong, the whole package is perfect, just if he had to choose, it would be the leaves.

The Mouse had a can of spinach which he thinks serves as an “acceptable” substitute for the luau leaves. Cubicle mate (who is part Hawaiian) is gagging and retching. It’s called adapting. 🙂

For dinner, The Mouse had a hankering for sweet sour pork (don’t ask). Plan was to pick-up take out and open a can of pineapple to go with it (again, don’t ask). Maybe it was a nutritional deficiency thing. Hee hee.

But, when The Mouse got to order, the portions are so big, he chickened out. The Cat is not so fond of sweet sour pork, so the pre-leftover couldn’t be used for her bento next week. Ended up ordering spicy eggplant.

Spicy Eggplant Plate

Packed the rice and half of the eggplant for The Cat next week (in the freezer). Half of the eggplant and the mac salad for The Mouse’s dinner.

Still kinda jonesing for sweet sour pork, maybe head to Panda Express later. Won’t be as good as the neighborhood hole-in-the-wall, but maybe it’ll do.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse


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