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Yesterday, the bishop chalked the door to the admin. building. The Mouse had to “touch base” with the office so stuck around to watch.

Solve for …

“20 + C + M + B + 23”

One the way home, The Mouse picked up a light lunch.

Steamed Manapua and Stuffed Tofu Skin

Mmm! 🙂

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

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The Mouse eats, not in one day, two.

Baked Manapua

Royal Kitchen, Chinatown. Char siu, kalua pork, black sugar.

Steamed Manapua, Crispy Gau Gee

Char siu. The Mouse still prefers steamed over baked, but will not turn down baked. Hee hee 🙂

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

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Cheat Day?

Just kidding, The Mouse is not on a diet, just watching what he eats.

The Cat went to work, The Mouse got “manapua”.

Manapua,Pork Hash, Shoyu/Mustard

Mmm. The Mouse has not eaten this for a while. 🙂

To make the meal even more “decadent”, The Mouse also bought fried “gau gee”.

Fried Gau Gee

The Mouse was in porky heaven. Hee hee. Nom!

Be safe and well.

The Mouse

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Pork <3

The Mouse took a detour on the way home from servicing his car the other day. A little Chinese prepared food concession in a grocery store.

Manapua and Pork Hash

Mmm! Craving satiated. Hee hee.

Chinese Roast Pork

More mmm! This will last a couple of meals. 🙂 ❤

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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So a week ago was mooncake day? Both The Cat and The Mouse were too busy. Plus hard to go to Chinatown.

The Mouse picked up some take-out yesterday. In The Mouse’s mind, worthy substitutes, Hee hee.

Fried Mochi Balls

Two bite sized. Perfect. No, The Mouse did not eat them all in one sitting. Warms up great in the toaster oven. The Cat is refraining, still on antibiotics.

Of course, The Mouse made a meal. Hee hee again.

Rice Cake, Char Siu Manapua

One last “must have”, according to The Mouse. 🙂

Roast Pork and Char Siu

Enough for a couple of days. Nom!

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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