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Nothing fancy, really. The Mouse “playing” with his food.

Bologna from the refridge, slightly pan-fried, a MikeyD Filet-o-Fish (no cheese, very light with the tartar sauce, extra pickles).

The Mouse’s Sandwich

Surprisingly, kinda worked. Hee hee.

Heading out, hunting for papaya.

Be safe and well.

The Mouse

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Sunday eats after The Cat took a long nap. Neighborhood chop suey, recently re-opened to dining-in.

“Pancake Wrapping”

“Moo Shu Pork”

This dish was “funny”, not quite what The Cat was expecting. The Cat and The Mouse should have been warned, had to order moo shu pork off the menu. Maybe chef was “winging” it. Hmm. More “chop suey” than “moo shu”. Hee hee.

Moo Shu Roll

The Mouse needs practice assembling.

Sizzling Seafood

More vegetables than seafood. The Mouse ate all the squid, The cat cannot chew. Some shrimp, fake abalone, and fishcake were the other seafood. Decent for the price.

Fried Porkchop

Won Ton with Vegetables Soup

The Mouse hasn’t eaten won ton for a while.

Too much food for The Cat and The Mouse, lots of leftovers. Mmm! 🙂

Be safe and well.

The Mouse

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While The Cat slept, The Mouse got hungry, made a bowl of noms for himself. No recipe, hope for the best cooking.

Steamed rice, wakame, dried pork sausage, frozen lima beans, topped with Korean “furikake”. 🙂

The Mouse’s Bowl


Be safe and well.

The Mouse

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Fuji Apple, Apple Cinnamon Scones

The Fuji apple used to be one of The Mouse’s favorite apple variety, but recently, they spoil so fast. The Mouse will buy one at the grocery store and eat it the same day.

Corndog, Bulldog Sauce

Has the Bulldog sauce replaced ketchup? No, far from it, but from time to time, a change-up. Nom. Hee hee.

The refridge is still a bit crowded but a little space opened up. 🙂

Be safe and well.

The Mouse

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Both nearby grocery stores now offer Aloha Friday plates. The Mouse was planning on getting one for lunch but got “distracted”.

Ended up getting Aloha Friday “sides” for dinner.

Chicken Long Rice

The Cat’s dinner. One advantage of getting sides is that more quantity of what you want. Not a pretty picture but tasty.

Lau Lau

The Mouse’s dinner. Mmm.

Be safe and well.

The Mouse

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