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Before the big turkey day.

Chinese Grapefruit

Takes a bit of effort to get into the fruit.


Membrane between the segments are pretty gnarly, at least to The Mouse, have to separate the membrane from the edible stuff. Good fruit to eat while watching TV (instead of chips).


Peel is supposed to be good for something. Try to dry it and find out.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse


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Still in dim sum mode. Sunday, The Cat had to run an errand into town. Good opportunity to try a recommended dim sum joint.


After the meal at Yauatcha, The Mouse was still jonesing for dim sum.

Spinach and Shrimp Dumplings

Good, but nothing to knock the socks off. Pretty standard. Prices are probably a third of Yauatcha, a good thing.

Fried Turnip Cake

There were shredded pieces of turnip in the cake. Good.

Braised E-Mein Noodles

One of the better e-mein plates in town. Flavorful and lots of toppings. Definitely would order again.

Mushroom Buns

Kinda looks like mushrooms, don’t they?

Bite View

Mushrooms and preserved vegetables. Yum.

Stir Fried Lotus Root and Tree Fungus

Something different. Another order again item.

Finished with Portuguese Egg Tarts. Forgot to take a picture.

Thanks R for the suggestion.

The Cat put the place on the return list. 😉

Enjoy.Eat well.

The Mouse

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Yauatcha adventure, part 2.

Just a reminder, where we ate (see previous post).



Red fruits mascarpone

Strawberry, raspberry and blackcurrant compote, pistachio.

I think that what this was, we kinda left dessert choices up to our server.

Tropical dome

Coconut dacquoise, lililko’i, pineapple.

Chefs compared this to a super light cheesecake in texture and taste.

Raspberry delice

Raspberry, Manjari chocolate, lychee.

And of course, can’t leave without a macaron (or two).


Dunno the flavors, left that up to our server, The Mouse went to the restroom before the desserts came out, returned to table and plates were served, chefs were ready to dive in. They liked.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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Tongue Twister, Part I

Yum cha at Yauatcha, with Chefs H and R.


With the closing of Royal Garden, had to find a new dim sum joint to yum cha.

Bamboo dumpling


Prawn and crispy beancurd cheung fun


Shanghai siew long bun


Shrimp tempura, Chinese style?

Forgot the name of this one.

Crispy duck salad
with pomelo, pomegranate and pine nuts

The Mouse’s favorite of the day. The chefs kinda gobbled this one too. Sigh.

Three mushrooms hand pulled noodle


Spicy aubergine, sato bean, okra and long bean
with peanut

So you may have noticed many of the dim sum orders came three to a plate. Two chefs, The Cat, and The Mouse equals four. math doesn’t add up. The Mouse was still hungry. Ordered one for himself.

Char siu bun

Open kitchen. Too bad The Mouse cannot just sit in the front of the kitchen to eat. No need wide-screen TV. Hee hee.

Kitchen Spa

Dessert next.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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With the cuzs, P&B. 100 Sails fka Prince Court.

Tried 100 Sails for lunch after they first renovated. It was okay. 😐

The cuzs have eaten there several times and put their stamp of approval. Plus our (and their’s) longtime servers from Hakone transferred over.

First Plate

A nice (IMHO) balance of meat and veggies.

Of course, if there is prime rib … Hee hee.

Prime Rib

Chef was just finishing up a roast, The Mouse scored the end cuts, so tasty. 🙂

Second Plate

Poke, lomi salmon, hamachi sashimi with shiso leaves, braised shortrib, Brussel sprouts with bacon, cauliflower salad, shoyu wasabi (for the sashimi).

Restaurant has greatly improved since our first try.

Thanks P&B, great meal and conversation.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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