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The Cat and The Mouse have not eaten food from Chile Relleno for over a year due to the thing that cannot be named. The Mouse checked and they finally reopened. Ordered take-out.

The Cat’s Bowl

Carnitas, Mexican rice, refried beans, edamame, olives, salsa, Romaine lettuce, and probably other ingredients that The Mouse missed. Think Mexican style mixed rice.

The Mouse’s Bowl

Chile verde (pork simmered in mild spicy tomatillo verde sauce), all other ingredients as above. Mmm.

Because it was take-out, the Romaine lettuce wilted just a bit, The Mouse did not mind. More than enough food for The Cat and The Mouse to pack weekday lunch. 🙂

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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According to The Cat, yesterday was take The Mouse to work day. The Cat has been having a little bit of minion issues. The Mouse volunteered to lend a small paw.

Nearby is a small take-out “taco stand” The Mouse yelped and wanted to try.


A kiosk near Aloha Tower. Owner/Chef super friendly. Started the business when his kids missed authentic Mexican cuisine, they’re originally from southern Mexico. Asked him to recommend his best for a newbie. The taco plate.

Three Taco Plate

One pork, one chicken chipotle, one carne asada. mixed greens and a small dessert. All for a tenner. Deal! 🙂 all three were really flavorful but if The Mouse were to choose, it would be chicken (because of the heat), pork, then carne asada.

Also picked up a burrito plate for The Cat’s dinner. no picture, a foil bundle, but also included the mixed greens and dessert. And two horchata made with almond milk option.

The Mouse will definitely be back. Chef is recommending his molletes plate next. The Mouse can’t wait. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mosue

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Another “weird” Saturday schedule, expected for the holiday season. The Mouse’s car needed oil service. Early morning appointment. Bonus! dealership had free popcorn! The Mouse ate a small bag, no salt, no butter. 🙂

Late breakfast, just missed the MickyD cutoff. “Filipino” take-out.





Meat Close Up

The Mouse chose fried rice, needed Lau Gan Ma, sausage and SPAM were well prepared, kitchen plated spinach instead of the onion and tomato salad, no vinegar dressing. Maybe kitchen thought since The Mouse wasn’t Filipino, tone down the flavors. That’s ok, spinach, wilted by the hot meat was good too (with a touch of Lau Gan Ma).

For dinner, went to our favorite Mexican restaurant on the Windward side. Not only for the food, but for the musical stylings of (never got his name). Have to ask next time.

First time for The Cat.

Giant Burrito

The Cat wanted to try, she surrendered after about a third. Remainder is for The Mouse’s bento tomorrow.

The Mouse ordered the usual fiesta bowl but this time with seafood (swai fish and shrimp).

Seafood Fiesta Bowl

No dairy, extra lime and salsa. The Mouse’s bowl was good, but he thinks he will be sticking to carnitas and chile verde in the future.

Farmers market and last minute Christmas shopping on the schedule today.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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Colorful Eats

Dunno if because of the weather or something else, The Mouse was in the mood for a little heat. Saturday dinner, Mexican. Chile Relleno, The Cat and The Mouse’s favorite neighborhood Mexican eats so far. Plus, on Saturday, they have live music. The guitar player is soooooo happy. Makes our day.

The Mouse had his usual fiesta bowl.

Chile Verde Fiesta Bowl

Where the edamame came from dunno, but fits. Hee hee.

The Cat wanted to try something new.

Carnita Sope

The thick fried masa was a new experience. Corn bread-y, sorta what The Cat’s father used to make at home. Not bread, kinda like a dough blob.

Pau for now.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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This past Saturday, The Mouse ate two Mexican meals, he wants to learn more about the cuisine, especially tamales. Found on Yelp, open early, perfect for after doctor appointment.


Owner explained their style is New Mexico, part Mexican, part American Indian. When there is “tamales” in your name, The Mouse gotta try.

Two Tamale Plate

Chicken on top, vegetable on bottom, rice, beans, and salad. Not too spicy, The chicken tamale had good flavor, the vegetable tamale reminded The Mouse of polenta, lots of corn flavor.

For dinner, a happy surprise. A visit to our neighborhood Mexican restaurant (Chile Relleno) for some not so authentic Mexican fare.

The Cat’s Fiesta Bowl


The Mouse’s Bowl

Chile verde sans cheese and ranch dressing, extra lime. Nom!

There is still pork belly in the freezer, The Mouse may want to look for a chile verde recipe, hmm.

Saturday nights, the restaurant has live music. The musician made the day, such a happy fellow.

Hana Hou!

This past Saturday, we went a little late, caught the tail end of his performance, next time we’ll be there much earlier.


Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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