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Not much happening Friday in SPAM Land. Thoughts to those facing near apocalypse on the Big Island.

Lunch (The Cat’s).

Shrimp & Arugula with Sweet Corn

Wild shrimp, petite tomatoes, warm polenta croutons, parmesan cheese crisp, creamy garlic vinaigrette.

The Mouse’s.

Subway Kid’s Meal

All inclusive, plus toy! Hee hee.

The Mouse is heading off to three doctor’s appointment today. Ugh!

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse


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Part of The Mouse’s dinner.

Apple Slices, Sauce, Juice

Family portrait. Hee hee!

The rest of The Mouse’s dinner.

Happy Meal Sized

And of course, The Mouse had to modify it, just a bit.

Wine and Herb Pickles


The Cat’s lunch, also nom worthy.

Mochiko Salmon Belly Plate

The Cat was going to take home a bit for The Mouse to try, but then thought otherwise.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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Hand Food

Yesterday was kind of a rush day for The Mouse, food was “grab-n-go”.


New-ish bakery kinda near work. Since school is on summer break, traffic is a bit clearer prompting a “pit-stop”.


Multi-Grain Croissant

The Mouse liked the multi-grain over the regular, little more “substance”.



Think baked char siu bao, except SPAM filled, and as a nod to the musubi, nori on top. Cute ya?

Dinner. Picked up from the nearby Korean take-out.

Bulgogi Sandwich with Shoyu Potato

Potato went into The Cat’s soup bowl (leftover pig foot meat, canned white potato, wakame seaweed, mirin, sea salt, and asparagus, no pic).

Happy Friday!

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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From Picnics From The Vine, local vendor.

The Mouse first started buying K’s “drunken” fruit preserves. Although they are good, I think she does a better job with her pickles.

The Mouse’s dinner (with pickles).

Hot Dog with Pickles

Description from the vendor: “These feisty cucumbers pack a punch. Tangy and Spicy. Made with pickled Maui onions, sweet peppers, and a spicy Thai chili.”

Classic (and cheap) Costco dog. Usually The Mouse loads up on the condiments, but that was before discovering those pickles. Hee hee.

Ham Sandwich with Wine and Herb Pickles

Description from the vendor: “Packed with Mixed Fine Herbs and Garlic. These are vibrant and savory with a sweet citrus finish. Made with pickled Maui onions and garlic.”

Whole wheat bread and shiso leaf stragglers (found them hiding under the plant).


Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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A compilation.

The Cat likes soup.

Tomato Bisque

Cafe up the street. Part of Sunday’s dinner.

More Tomato Bisque

Nordstrom at the mall.

Mushroom Soup and Turkey Sandwich

The Cat ate at the Museum cafe again.

The Mouse’s Pate and Steamed Pork Banh Mi Sandwich

With spring roll.


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