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All Kinds of Healthy

The Mouse’s sandwich last night.

Fermented Nom

Sprouted wheat bread, natto, Vegemite.

To the unasked question, yes, The Mouse would do it again. Except, next time, lightly toast the bread. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse


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Saturday schedule, super whacked. Late afternoon lunch after dropping off presents. The Mouse wanted something simple. Palace Saimin all the way across town, way too far (with Christmas shopping traffic). Ended up here.


Another fifty-year plus establishment.

The Mouse opted for a local fave combo.

Smalll Saimin with Vegetables


Hamburger Deluxe

Why we in SPAM Land eat these two dishes together? Dunno. but that’s the way it is. Hee hee.

Oh, and in keeping a theme running. This place also had a little pond.

Koi Pond

Smaller number of koi, cute. No fish food though. Sigh.

Oh, and if you look closely at the first picture, notice the help wanted sign. Looking for all positions, no experience necessary. Maybe The Mouse will apply for something in the kitchen. Hee hee.

Hope your holiday season has been happy so far.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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Not Cookies and Milk

The Cat was playing Santa Meow yesterday. only time for a quick bite.

Soup and Sandwich

Smoked turkey sandwich, chicken noodle soup.

The cookies and milk comes at a later date. Hee hee.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse (via The Cat)

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Okay, let’s try this again. Last time, screen froze and post wasn’t saved. Ugh!

The Mouse’s food last week, while The Cat was trying to meet a tax deadline.

Hot Dog

From Costco. Dangerous, the warehouse that The Mouse works at is 5 minutes away from the nearest Costco.

This time, The Mouse added shiso leaves, pickled okra and pickled carrot (both from Picnics From the Vine). Nom!

Chicken Katsu Sandwich

From the neighborhood take-out joint, L&R Drive Inn. The Mouse has never experienced Chick-fil-A yet, but if he ever does, the Chick-fil-A sandwich has some big buns to fill, Hee hee. This sandwich was the bomb. Super crispy outside, moist and tender inside. Nom!

Gonna hit the post now, cross your fingers.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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So, banh mi it was. The Mouse did drive into the Costco parking lot for a hot dog but the place was packed, probably would’ve spent more on gas finding a parking space than purchasing the actual hot dog.

Picked up a ham and “pate” banh mi at the neighborhood Vietnamese restaurant.

Banh Mi

And … had to “soup it up” just a bit.

Pickled Okra and Carrots

From the local Picnics from the Vine: https://picnicsfromthevine.com/

Banh Mi, After Mods

The Mouse’s only “comment”, could’ve used more Chinese parsley (cilantro), but minor minor. It’s all good.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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