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So, banh mi it was. The Mouse did drive into the Costco parking lot for a hot dog but the place was packed, probably would’ve spent more on gas finding a parking space than purchasing the actual hot dog.

Picked up a ham and “pate” banh mi at the neighborhood Vietnamese restaurant.

Banh Mi

And … had to “soup it up” just a bit.

Pickled Okra and Carrots

From the local Picnics from the Vine: https://picnicsfromthevine.com/

Banh Mi, After Mods

The Mouse’s only “comment”, could’ve used more Chinese parsley (cilantro), but minor minor. It’s all good.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse


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New Territory

The Cat moved office yesterday. The Mouse got a break this week. No bento preparations. Too chaotic for The Cat.

The Cat’s first lunch in the new territory.

Soup and Sandwich

Chicken vegetable soup and ham sandwich.

More eating choices downtown vs. the mall. The Cat will be exploring.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse (via The Cat)

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Super Cheap Eats

An unscheduled stop at the grocery store yesterday morning. A lucky find?


Original price was $8 bucks, knocked down (maybe last night?) to $3.98, knocked down again when I found it to $1.98. Pake find.

Roast Beef and Ham

A Forrest Gump moment. Ate two sections for lunch, still decent. Took two sections home for dinner.

By dinner, the bread got too stale (should’ve tried to toaster oven it), the fillings were still good. Next time eat sooner though (or toaster oven it).

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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“Client” lunch with Chef H.

Shrimp Bruschetta



So, The Cat and Chef H ordered a pork banh mi and a grilled Portobello sandwich. Server was kind enough to split the order onto two plates. No fuss. The Cat and Chef H got half an order of everything. Neat huh? Wait, where’s the Portobello sandwich?

Chocolate Cake

Chef H took the leftover cake home. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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Maybe three.

Given the choice, The Cat will order some kinda seafood. But, none on the menu. Kalua pork sandwich in a tourist spot (semi-client lunch).

Kalua Pork Sandwich

Mango Guava BBQ, Island Slaw, Crispy Maui Onions, Fries. The Cat brought home for The Mouse to sample. The Mouse thinks a little too fou fou for him. Could’ve done without the BBQ sauce. The Mouse is a purist.

The Mouse’s kalua pork sandwich picked up after work.

Kalua Pork Sandwich

Bob’s BBQ. Roadside “shack”. Been there for ages. Bun, mayo, iceberg lettuce, kalua pork. Pure (okay, could’ve done without the mayo, but okay), and cheap. The Mouse thinks could’ve bought at least three, maybe four of his sandwiches compared with one of The Cat’s, but industrial area vs. tourist area and no view vs. in the middle of Waikiki. Go figure.

Since The Cat still has oyster po’boys on the mind, and so far none to be found on SPAM Land, The Mouse picked up …

Fried Oyster Sandwich

Bun, cole slaw, fried oysters. (Maybe one more oyster? Fill in the blank space?)

So, no atmosphere, no French roll, no Preservation Jazz, but The Cat appreciated the gesture.

Yay! No doctor appointments today!

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse


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