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Eatin’ @ The Street

Monday’s activity.

Since we kinda sorta were in the vicinity.


The Cat tried the ramen stall

The Cat’s Ramen

With “ginger chicken”. The Mouse had a taste, tasty, but not much ginger. Maybe the kitchen toned the flavor down for the masses.

The Cat did rave about the soft cooked egg though.

Soft Cooked Egg

She said almost had the texture of Chinese salted egg.

The Mouse tried the “smoke” stall.

The Mouse’s Plate

Pulled pork, papaya slaw, rice, “burnt ends” mac ‘n’ cheese. The pulled pork was a substitute for The Mouse’s original order of crispy pork “al pastor”. The pork and slaw were okay. The Mac ‘n’ cheese saved the day. The sauce with the mac ‘n’ cheese was tasty. Even then, the sauce kinda overwhelmed the “burnt ends”.

The Mouse is not so big on barbecued pulled pork, he rather have kalua pork (or Chinese roast pork, with crispy skin). So to have the server claim the pulled pork is better? Sigh.

To take home, stopped by the Chocolate Bar.


Jabong, or pomelo.

Dark Chocolate Dipped Jabong Peel

The Mouse likes dried pomelo peel (Chinese style, sugar glazed), on this peel, the sugar is not as prominent as in Chinatown. The dip makes up for it. Not bad.

In our humble opinion, the prices at The Street are a bit on the high side, but, considering it’s located in the middle of Waikiki, not too bad.

Since The Cat and The Mouse are not “tourists”, there are other places outside of Waikiki that probably less expensive, and give a little more food quantity. But, try try.

So, we were sorta nearby because The Cat wanted to float a lantern for her father (ten-year anniversary since his passing) at the lantern floating ceremony held every Memorial Day.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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On the way back from the Taste of Kualoa tour, made an impromptu stop at Temple Valley Shopping Center. The tour only whet our appetite, The Cat and The Mouse were hungry.

Menu Cover

The coffee shop used to be at another location, when they closed (before this blog even started), The Mouse didn’t know they moved to a different location. Lucky we drove by and looked. Food is not fancy nor gourmet, think old school coffee shop, and that’s okay.

The Cat’s Order

Vegetarian omelet, country potatoes, toast. There were four slices of toast, but, … things happen. Did I mention The Cat was hungry?

The Mouse’s Order

Grilled Mahi sandwich, fries, lettuce, tomato, pickle. Decent food (in a good way) and reasonable prices.

Another place for eats over on the windward side of SPAM land. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse



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A Taste of Kualoa

Some of the Australian visitors wanted to experience Kualoa Ranch, The Cat arranged for the Taste of Kualoa tour. The Cat and The Mouse went along too. Hee hee.

Over the years, Kualoa Ranch is striving to be a model of self-sustainability for SPAM land. The ranch raises cattle, seafood, vegetables, and fruit.

Talapia Patties


Jumbo Shrimp with Pesto




Shucked Oysters

Freshest oysters ever! I think just hours, if not minutes from harvest. The Cat even got to try shucking her first oyster, with help from the guide. No speed record set by any measure.

Sautéed Vegetables

The only vegetable not grown on the ranch was white onions, and they’re working on that.

Rosemary Skewered Beef

Interesting for The Mouse, since he likes learning about food origins. The Cat and the Australians had fun too. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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A while back, The Cat was named an executor of one of her client’s estates. He was an ex-pat living abroad (that used to live here). Yesterday, a group of his friends brought a part of his ashes back to SPAM land for his send-off (a portion stayed in Australia).

Since The Cat didn’t really know the client on a personal level, The Cat was a little perplexed about the memorial dinner.

By serendipitous coincidence, The Cat made reservations at Michel’s at the Colony Surf. Turns out the client, R, loved France and French food.

The Place

Near one of R’s favorites spots, Diamond Head.

Since the group was relatively large (fifteen), individual ordering could be prohibitive and cumbersome, went with chef’s choice for the table.

Amuse Bouche

Ahi tartare, shiso leaf, caviar. Nom! The Mouse’s only “complaint” (and totally not in the spirit of an “amuse bouche”), The Mouse wanted more. Sigh. Hee hee.

Lobster Bisque

Menu description: Served for over 40 years at Michel’s with fresh Maine lobster meat flamed in Cognac at your table.

The Requisite “Flamed”


Caesar Salad

Menu description: Hirabara baby romaine & hearts of palm, tossed tableside in our classic creamy dressing, anchovy filets served upon request.

The picture is prior to The Mouse’s request of more anchovies. Server was kind enough to “load up” The Mouse’s plate. Dragons breathe fire, The Mouse breathes anchovy breath. Hee hee. Haaaaah!

Fish Course

Salmon, tomato coulis, tomato confit, asparagus, angel hair pasta. Well prepared.

Palate Refresher

Kalamansi sorbetto with blueberry. Happy.

Meat Course

Venison, mashed potato, mushroom risotto, foie gras. I think the sauce had blueberries in it. Socks off nom.

So, everyone else’s plate was a stacked presentation, The Mouse’s looked a little deconstructed. But, The Mouse had the biggest foie gras piece. What does the soccer announcer say? SCOOOOOOOOOOOOORE! 🙂


Chef H procured fresh peaches and made Peach Melba. Peaches, vanilla ice cream, raspberries, whipped cream, amaretto. A nice ending to an awesome dinner. Chef even gave us the leftover peaches to take home.

Thanks Chef H, we will be back.

All R’s Australian friends felt the dinner was a perfect send-off.

The Mouse was fully satisfied and satiated.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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Egg McMuffin from Micky D

Shiso from our bucket. The Mouse thinks all (okay, most) sandwiches should come with a shiso option. Hee hee.

Ready to Nom

Ran an errand to Michael Mina’s “food court” concept at International Marketplace at Waikiki (same complex as Yauatcha), The Street. Chef Mina carries Chef’s chocolates (at “The Chocolate Bar”, cute ya?) and The Mouse wanted to check it out.


Impressive. What an opportunity for the Chef.


Like jewelry. Hee hee.


Dark chocolate “lava rocks” (mac nut “bon bons”). Simply boxed and ribboned. The Cat and The Mouse likes the presentation even though they are still trying to work out some of the kinks.

Gift Bag

Again, very subtle.

Fun fact, The Mouse was their first customer … ever! 🙂

On the way back, drive-thru, Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen, ran out of chicken sandwich (What!??) Ordered a fish sandwich.

Fish Sandwich

Not bad, pretty good actually, especially if compared with Micky D “Filet-o-Fish”. At least Popeye’s has a bit of green. Sure wish I had the foresight to bring more shiso.

Of course, can’t go to Popeye’s without a side order of red beans and rice.

Red Beans and Rice

Now, The Mouse has never experienced “authentic” red beans and rice, but for what it is (fast food), The Mouse likes Popeye’s.

Funny, The Cat also went (separately) to The Street to check it out, missed each other by an hour.




With decent parking at somewhat reasonable prices (with minimum purchase), seems like The Cat and The Mouse will be doing more exploring of the new International Marketplace, even though it’s in Waikiki.

Last snippet.

Breakfast yesterday.

Zippy’s Breakfast Bento #1

Corned beef hash, SPAM, scrambled eggs, rice. Should’ve ordered brown rice, too early, couldn’t think, before coffee. Corned beef nicely “charred” with kogi bits. Ate the rice and corned beef hash, saved the SPAM and eggs for lunch.

SPAM and Egg Sandwich

Two slices of whole wheat bread at the office, slightly toasted, SPAM, eggs, packet mayo. Not bad for unscheduled, impromptu sandwich. Missing that shiso again.

As mentioned in the previous almost not posted post (clearly operator error), gonna be a late one tonight.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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