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The Mouse saw this place featured on one of the food show and wanted to try.




Not resort, neighborhood. Side of the highway. “Off the beaten path” you might say.

Inside, like walking into someone’s garage, converted into a kitchen/dining area. Super quaint/rustic.

The Spread

The menu, super simple. Lau lau, kalua pig with cabbage, rice, poi, lomi salmon, mac salad, haupia, kalolo. The Mouse thinks we ordered everything on the menu.

Awesome food. Again, not “gourmet”, but down-home real food.

According to a friend that lives nearby, they often sell out. Good for them.

If there is another opportunity, The Mouse will be back. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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Picked up from the neighborhood grocery store.

“Hawaiian” Plate

Rice (wish it was poi, sweet potato, chicken long rice (the Chinese contribution to the luau), lau lau, kalua pork. Nom!

Lomi Salmon, Haupia

Also part of the Hawaiian plate order. Yum!

Sweet Potato

Picked up for The Cat’s dinner soup bowl.

Sweet potato, chicken long rice, eggplant, poached egg. The Cat’s dinner soup bowl.  🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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Aloha Friday. Picked up a take-out from the neighborhood grocery store.

You’ve seen this before.

A combo for just over ten bucks? Almost unheard of. I guess the grocery store has economies of scale or some other economic factor in play.

Hawaiian Combo Plate

Kalua pork, sweet potato, chicken long rice (under the sweet potato), haupia, lomi salmon, and lau lau. Small drink included. What a deal!

The sweet potato got put away for The Cat’s lunch next week (in the freezer), the chicken long rice went into The Cat’s dinner bowl (see picture below), the haupia is The Cat’s breakfast today, The Mouse scarfed the kalua pork, lau lau, and lomi salmon for dinner. 🙂

The Cat is not that crazy about Aloha Friday food as much as The Mouse. She got a “clean the refrig” bowl.

The Cat’s Bowl

Using the chicken long rice as a “base”, added dried seaweed (reconstituted), Korean rice cake, cucumber, and a drop or two of toasted sesame seed oil.

Everybody’s happy.

Heading out to yum cha today. The Cat is taking her mother, The Mouse is tagging along as driver.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse.


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A “detour” kinda day. Ended up at one of our favorite cheap eats.

Food Container

Food Container

Notice the grease smears? Surely a sign of good eats ahead. Hee hee!

Lau Lau Plate!

Pork Lau Lau Plate!

Brown rice, sweet potato, lomi salmon, haupia, chicken long rice, and the star of the plate, lau lau. Big nom!

Also picked up a side.

Mussel Poke

Mussel Poke

Not “eat ’till you sleep” portions, but nice sized.

And … everything under ten bucks, soft drink included! Watta deal!

Great lunch. Only things that would’ve made it perfect, green river and poi. Sigh! But, good enough. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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Uhm, for those of you with queasy stomachs, beware (it’s not that bad, really).

Based on the previous post, we pushed the envelope again yesterday.

The Cat wanted to go to the outlet mall. In our opinion, there’s not too much choice in the eating department out there.

There’s a restaurant I’ve been curious about in the nearby town. Thought we’d give it a shot.



Link: http://www.myhighwayinn.com/

The sign pretty much says it all (94-226 Leoku Street, Waipahu, Hawaii). I saw on the online menu butterfish collars for The Cat (at least she had one default choice.

On the menu, Na’au Pua’a. Had to google what it is. From their website:

Na’au Pua’a |nah-ow poo-ah-ah| is a Fear Factor dish. It’s chitterlings (pig intestines) and luau leaves in a soupy base. The literal translation is gut (na’au) of the pig (pua’a). It’s on the saltier side, and easier to eat than to pronounce.

Confirmed with our young server what the dish was. Asked him if it was good. His response “mmmm”. Really? “No, I don’t eat the stuff, you may be one of the few that like it.”

Yes. Go for it. Can’t be all that bad (unless the intestines are not cleaned properly). If I can survive cleaning the stuff … (see The Banner of the Pig)

Na'au Pua'a Combo Plate

Stew Combo Plate

From their menu: Choice of Beef Stew, Tripe Stew or Na’au Pua’a Rice or Poi (brown rice or poi add 30¢), Lomi Salmon or Mac Salad, Pipikaula, Haupia.

Went with poi, and lomi salmon.

Na'au Pua'a Close Up

Na’au Pua’a Close Up

This stuff is good. But be warned, you have to like pig offal and luau leaves. I do.

As good as the stew was, the pipikaula was really good.

Again, from their website:

Pipikaula |pee-pee-cow-lah| Our most popular dish, pipikaula was a favorite snack among paniolos (Hawaiian cowboys) during long cattle drives in the 19th century. A salted, dried beef strip, some liken pipi (beef) kaula (strip) to beef jerky, but our version is a bit different. Our pipikaula is seasoned, dried and then grilled to enhance the flavor.

After all that, The Cat’s deep-fried butterfish collar was almost anti-climatic.

Deep-Fried Butterfish Collar and Rice

Deep-Fried Butterfish Collar and Rice

The collar is just behind the head of a fish. If The Cat can’t get the head, her next favorite is the collar.

All dishes are highly recommended. Go, try. 🙂

When our server asked how everything was I suggest he try the stew. His one word reply, No. That’s okay, more for me.

According to their website, they’re set to open another location townside. Yay!

More pig offal, more often. Bring it!

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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