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Yesterday, I bought a package of turkey neck bones (the market was out of chicken feet).

Turkey Neck Bones

There’s a lot of meat on the turkey neck bones, the structure is similar to an oxtail, but the neck bones are more intricate and fragile than the oxtail.

A pot of water, a handful of dried Chinese dates, dried mushrooms, and a slice of ginger …

Dried Chinese Dates

Slice of Ginger

Dried Mushrooms

a few hours on simmer: turkey broth.

Turkey Broth

Usually, I would leave the bones in the soup (The Cat likes to gnaw on them), but poultry neck bones are nasty (they’re fragile and sharp). When I was removing them, the meat was still quite moist and edible (in my opinion).

Turkey Neck Bones

There was connective tissue similar to an oxtail. I removed the meat from the bones,

Meat From The Turkey Neck

threw it in a pot with a little mushroom dashi, added a drop of liquid smoke, added salt, pepper, chili powder, and sugar to taste. At the end, I added chopped cabbage.

Faux Kalua Turkey and Cabbage

Both the broth and the cabbage dish turned out very well.


The Mouse

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