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Today for lunch, I picked up two onigiri from here. I’ve written about this place before, but I don’t think I posted about these selections yet. The Marukai Wholesale Market is only one of two places that makes onigiri with mixed grains (I hope to visit the other place soon).

Mixed grains are supposed to be healthier because of the different nutrition components each grain brings to the party as compared to only white rice.

It’s hard to get the mixed grains onigiri because more white rice onigiri are made (logical), so they run out pretty quickly, and I don’t know the schedule. So today I was lucky to obtain the onigiri and I get to post about it. ūüôā

Salmon and Spam Mixed Grain Onigiri

The Tease Shot

I bought one salmon and one Spam onigiri. I’m not sure what type of salmon they use but they have a sticker on the package warning about the¬†possibility¬†of small bones. The salmon is somewhat moist and not too salty, very well made. The Spam was a thick cut, at least a quarter inch, again very good.

I usually distinguish between musubi and onigiri based on the shape. If the shape is rice ball shaped (round or triangle), I call it onigiri, if the shape is more¬†rectangular, its musubi. Right or wrong, that’s my definition.

Both onigiri and musubi made from brown rice or multi-grains are best eaten fresh. In my opinion, the multi-grains and brown rice tend to dry out as they sit. White rice tends to retain moisture longer (kind of like white bread and whole grain breads). If I’m going to eat the onigiri or musubi later, I prefer white rice.

I also bought a slice of spinach and onion quiche from here. I don’t eat this often, my rationalization is that the spinach and onion counteract all the cheese and fat in the quiche.

Spinach and Onion Quiche

A very good lunch indeed.


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