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Bangga Bangga

Yesterday I met a friend (A) to see if I should take over his volunteer webmaster duties. He is taking on other volunteer responsibilities and didn’t think he would have time to continue. Before you come to the wrong conclusions, I am not, nor will ever be, a tech wizard (A is). Everything I’ve learned has come from posting about food here. But, taking this on would give me more experience.

Anyway, he needed wi-fi access to show me some of the inner workings of the website. To make a long story short, we ended up at the Ala Moana Makai Market food court.

About half way through, we took a break. At first I was going to get a falafel sandwich but I got sidetracked here.


With a name like that, and a menu that includes poke bowls, I had to try it.

The Menu

I think the shop has an identity crisis (to “g” or not to “g”, that is a question). ­čÖé

If there is natto on the menu I’m there (especially if The Cat is not around).

The Natto Bowl

The bowl came with wasabi and soy sauce, I asked for their dynamite sauce (mayonnaise and hot sauce) on the side.

The Natto Bowl, Dressed

According to the menu, the seasoning for the poke was supposed to include Macadamia nuts and tobiko (flying fish roe), I think they forgot. Sigh. Overall though, pretty good, especially from a food court. A good option from the fried, grilled, steam tray selections.


The Mouse

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