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I’m paraphrasing Alexander Graham Bell.

We like the cornbread from here, it has good texture to it.

Crema Espresso Bar and Deli

We found this place while browsing at furniture awhile back (it’s located in a furniture store/wine bar/restaurant. The Cat used to come here for lunch when her office was near by. Today was my first time for lunch.

I choose the smoked turkey and tomato sandwich combo meal (chips and a drink).

Smoked Turkey Sandwich, Cornbread, and Green Tea

Lunch was served on real dishes, nice touch. They were out of chips so the server let me select the cornbread instead. No complaints here, The Mouse was happy.

The sandwich was good, the best part of it was the bread. I think it was a honey wheat, good taste and texture.

The server informed me that they will close in a couple of days (Wednesday I think), and reopen as either Stage Cafe or Cafe Stage (senior moment). The new menu will offer more sandwiches and pastries. I guess the old name limited the perception of the place.

My whole meal today was $6.50 plus tax, cheap eats indeed.

I hope they keep selling the cornbread. I bought three cornbread squares to take home and threw them in the freezer, just in case.

Looking forward to the reopening, at least I got to try it before it changed. Hope they keep the prices affordable.

One door closes, one door opens.


The Mouse

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