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Today, The Cat and I went on a mini adventure to the west side of the island to look for some activities for a project.

The first stop was here. I always thought boxcars raced in a straight line, I was wrong.

Box Car Track

Box Cars

The track is downhill with twists and turns, looked like a lot of fun.


The facility also has tracks for radio controlled racing.

R/C Race Track

R/C "Off Road" Track

R/C Pit Area

The director of the facility said that some of the cars could cost upwards of a thousand dollars, OMG!

The tracks also are home to several cats that serve as track officials. 😉

Track Official

One cat in particular is named U-Turn because 1) he has a kink in his neck, and 2) when he gets excited, he runs in circles.


Nom Nom Nom

U-Turn is very friendly and likes to eat. A cat after our own heart. 🙂

Lunch was in the area.

Missing Ah ... Nevermind

For about eleven dollars (cheaper during the week), an all you can eat buffet. Some of the selections:


At the 3 O’clock position is shoyu pork, it reminded me of the shoyu pork that a now defunct restaurant, Shanghai Bistro, more like pot roast than shoyu pork. At the 4 O’clock position is kau yuk (pot roast pork with fermented bean curd, Cantonese style), it was a little too sweet for me, not enough bean curd flavor.


The highlights of the above plate include deep-fried shumai at the 1 O’clock position. This was actually pretty good, crispy on the outside and ground pork hash on the inside.

What kind of surprised me was the maki sushi at the right of the plate. From the top, Spam and imitation crab with mayonnaise, Spam and tuna salad (with mayonnaise), and Spam and cucumber with mayonnaise. I dunno if it was Spam and mayonnaise but the combinations worked for me in a kind of local, weird, non-Japanese sort of way (understand?). The Cat was gagging. 😉

Both The Cat and I felt that the buffet was decent for the money. Not gourmet dining by a long shot but not bad if we’re in the area.

After lunch we went to look for the second activity in the area.


Race Track

It looked like a lot of fun but not quite what we were looking for. A little too loud and aggressive.


The Mouse

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