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This episode takes us here. I was headed for the nearby 7-Eleven to try their Spam musubi but they closed permanently (missed them by one day).

It seems that the Kozo Sushi at Kaneohe is not owned by the same franchisees as the other locations (the website for Kozo Sushi Hawaii doesn’t list the Kaneohe location (sorry TMI).

Besides the requisite Spam musubi, I ordered two “vegetarian” temaki rolls.

Spam Musubi, Temaki Sushi

The roll in the middle contained avocado, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise. The roll on the right contained avocado, alfalfa sprouts, cucumber, and mayonnaise. The Cat is rolling her eyes about mayonnaise on rice, but I like it. The rice in the Spam musubi was sushi rice (by request), which gave the musubi a slight vinegary taste (in a good way). The Spam slice was well fried which added a smoky taste (also in a good way). The Spam musubi was $1.85 and the temaki rolls were $1.35 each, a little on the pricier side. Good to try.


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