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Bánh mì

Yesterday’s sandwich put me in the mood for a Vietnamese sandwich (aka Bánh mì) today. I haven’t eaten them in a while (the bread is a little rough on my braces). But craving won out over common sense today. Today’s sandwich was from the Kaneohe branch of Ba-Le.


I got my favorite combination, pate and steamed pork.

Pate and Steamed Pork Banh Mi

I’ve tried the other varieties but I always come back to pate and steamed pork. Yum.

I also picked up two of their dessert cups for after dinner.

Purple Sweet Potato and Mango

Since these are made with coconut milk, I don’t have to worry about the after effects of being lactose intolerant (sorry TMI). 😦

I can’t wait for the braces to come out.


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