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Oyster Jun

The other week, our local newspaper ran an article about this restaurant.  More specifically, the article feature a new dish the restaurant was offering, oyster jun. I’m mostly familiar with meat jun and fish jun. Thin slices of beef or fish, marinated or not, dipped in an egg batter and fried. Apparently jun is a local phenomenon as some other bloggers came to the same conclusion here and here.

Anyway, after reading the article, I wanted to try it. So today, I skipped my normal lunch place and meal and headed there.

Menu Cover

Notice in the upper right corner, the restaurant has been around since 1989. Several people have told us about this place (favorably), but we’ve never had the chance to try it. The same people have told us that it can get a bit smoky, maybe that’s why it wasn’t high on the priority list.

Anyway, I decided to go for lunch when they opened, reasoning that the air should be cleaner (it was).

I think the oyster jun is still too new a dish, it wasn’t listed on the menu, I had to ask the server if they had it (they did). Yay.

With the oyster jun, I got rice, soup, and a whole bunch of banchan.

Rice, Soup, Dip, and Banchan

Among the notables were mochi logs in kimchi sauce (upper top left), raw crab in hot sauce (upper middle), and a savory custard (center). I wasn’t too fond of the mochi dish, it was okay. The raw crab was very good, the sauce was the key. The custard was excellent (I saved it for last). It reminded me of the Japanese custard/omelet (tamago) I love.

On to the main event, the oysters.

Oyster Jun

A dozen egg battered oysters, very yum, very rich and indulgent. It was a bit pricey for lunch (13 dollars), but when you consider the amount of food, it was worth it.

I even stayed loyal to my regular lunch place, picked up a bento for dinner. 🙂


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