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No Luck

I thought for a change from my Saturday routine, I would try a newish Korean restaurant I saw advertised in the newspaper. The tongue and pork belly got my attention.


I’m keeping the restaurant’s name anonymous to protect the … whatever. 😦 After seating me in the corner, which a couple of patrons had to get up and move their seats for me to squeeze through, no one came to take my order (it wasn’t crowded, the place had maybe 12 tables, and there were two servers on duty). Needless to say I don’t think I’ll be trying that p[lace in the future.

After waiting over ten minutes, I left and went to my regular place.


Alas, they were booked with several large parties and the wait would be over 30 minutes. Bad timing. Sigh.

I ended up going back home and making a PB&J sandwich. A good consolation prize.

“After all, tomorrow is another day.” — Scarlett O’Hara

On a happier note, my cousin loaned me his GPS to fool around with. If you’re interested, the Maneki Neko stature is marked at N 21 degrees 17.910′, W 157 degrees 50.460′.

He loaned it to me so I can start looking for Geocaches. I try on a couple of occasions, got close but no cigar. I can now mark my favorite food places, which I think is a better use of the GPS (just kidding, NOT!) 😉


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