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Yakitori Yoshi

Met a friend, A, for dinner the other night. A wanted to try a macrobiotic restaurant,  but when we got there, the restaurant changed into a yakitori restaurant (more info here).


We decided to try it. The order system is similar to some Chinese dim sum restaurants, mark a ticket of what you want and how many.




Systems like this could be dangerous, sometimes eyes are bigger than stomachs. 😉

Good thing it was later than normal for dinner. I decided to eat light.


Cold Tofu?

A is not a fan of natto (although his wife is), he opted for the tofu.

Shiitake Mushroom(s)

Believe it or not, this is two orders (we both ordered one each). They weren’t kidding when the item was listed as shiitake mushroom (singular). Each order is one fresh mushroom cut into four pieces, and grilled.

Tomatoes and Okra

Ground Chicken Meatball (Top), Pork Stomach (Bottom)

A had the ground chicken while I had the pork stomach. the stomach was a little too chewy for me. I think the stomach would have been better if the restaurant braised it first, and then grilled it. The taste was good though.

Grilled Musubi, Miso Flavor

We both ordered a grilled musubi, miso flavor, A thought it was a little too grilled (crunchy), while I thought the miso flavor was a little too strong. I think next time, I either try the plain grilled or the butter shoyu.

A seemed overall pleased with the restaurant and the food. Me too, although as mentioned above, if you’re really hungry, the tab could be a bit hefty.

Sorry, my computer was suffering from a bit of indigestion. It seems better now.


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