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Chili Dog

A truncated post today. The Cat and I had lunch with a very distinguished friend to pick his brain for a project we are thinking of doing. I had to be a bit discreet in taking pictures. Didn’t know what he would think if I started taking pictures of everyone’s food.

We went here. I started with a glass of strawberry lemonade.

Strawberry Lemonade

For lunch, I ordered the hearts of romaine lettuce and the chili dog (here’s the menu).

Hearts of Romaine Lettuce

Smoked Kobe Beef Chili Dog

I requested no cheese on the chili dog because 1) I don’t really care for cheese on my hot dog, chili, nor hamburger (a taste and texture preference), and 2) dairy products and my stomach don’t see eye to eye on things (I know TMI).

The chili dog was great. The chili had just enough heat to make it interesting. The ale provided a rich depth of flavor.  The drawback was that the chili kind of overwhelmed the hot dog for me to appreciate that it was Kobe beef. The potato chips tasted house made, thick cut and very little salt. The lemonade provided the perfect palate cleanser.

I would definitely order the chili dog again, but next time I will request the chili on the side. I wonder if the chips can be ordered as a side. 🙂


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