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Purple Turnip

Ever heard of a purple turnip? I haven’t. The Korean market had them for sale the other day (the sign said “Bordeaux┬áTurnip”). I asked one of the clerks what the difference was and was it purple al the way through. She said it tasted better than the white turnip and it was purple all the way through. Had to try one. I couldn’t find any information on the internet (either under purple or Bordeaux).

Purple Turnip

Purple Turnip, Peeled

The turnip still was purple after I peeled it, a good sign.

Purple Turnip, Cross Section

The slices were so pretty, I was tempted to make a mosaic and frame it, just kidding. ­čÖé

I simply boiled the turnip, to taste it naturally. The water turned very purple. I thought all the color may have bled out. No worries.

Purple Turnip, Boiled and Sliced

The Cat ate it plain, no seasoning, not even salt. She said it was less pungent and sweeter than a white turnip. I ate mine with hot mustard (in the oden tradition).

A definite try again, although using purple turnip will probably stain whatever it’s cooked with.


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