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With tongue firmly in cheek.

The last time we were here, The Cat bought a package of Thai tea powder so that she could make Thai tea at work. But when she tried making it, it wasn’t the same as buying it from the restaurant.

This past Sunday, we visited the restaurant to get a better idea of the tea.

Thai Iced Tea

Since we were there, we ordered lunch, #9 (basil chicken), #16 (pad raumit), and #19 (pad si you).


The pad raumit (#16) is one of The Cat’s favorites here. I think we’ve ordered this almost every time we’ve frequented here.


The pad si you was kind of like chicken chow fun. I would order this again.


We ended up taking the basil chicken home and splitting it for dinner between the two of us. We ordered it mild, I ended up adding my own chili powder. That’s okay, better to have to add heat then to have too much at the start.

The Cat concluded that she didn’t add enough condensed milk to the tea she made. Back to the drawing board. Maybe we have to go back for more research in the future, not that I’m complaining. 🙂


The Mouse

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