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The next onigiri, bought at the same Japanese warehouse member market as the umeboshi onigiri is sansai (mountain vegetable) onigiri.

Sansai Onigiri

Kind of looks like the previous post yeah? Don’t judge a book by its cover. 🙂

This onigiri was made with mochi rice instead of the traditional white rice.

Sansai Onigiri, Peeled

I’ve eaten this before, it’s good. The problem with this one was I didn’t eat it until later for dinner. The mochi rice had firmed up and hardened, my bad. Sigh. My conclusion is that onigiri made with mochi rice has to be eaten as soon as possible, not good for traveling (which kind of defeats the purpose of onigiri to me), oh well.

The search continues.

Enjoy (sort of).

The Mouse

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