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Yesterday, while I was picking up my Bánh mì, I saw a little okazu-ya in the next building, had to check it out. The sandwich was still warm and I’m looking for the next meal. Sigh. The okazu-ya was closed when I saw it.

So today, I did a little reconnaissance, and of course I had to pick a little something up (it’s a rule). 😉


There’s no sign except for a small nameplate (looks like the type provided by building owners for ADA requirements).


Just look for the Maneki Neko (check out it’s left paw, cute yeah?).

Proper Etiquette Required

I thought the No “No’s” sign was cute too, very old school.

The interior continues the old school vibe. I didn’t want to take pictures, the lady behind the counter might have thrown me out and added another no to the list. Actually, she was very nice and friendly.

The Mouse's Lunch

I the above picture, I picked up one Spam musubi, one slice of tamago (egg omelet), and one inari sushi. I was hoping it would be more like the local style cone sushi, but it was not meant to be (I’ve just added cone sushi to the onigiri project). 🙂

In my opinion, the rice in both the Spam musubi and inari sushi was done right. Each grain was an individual but stuck to each other perfectly. The rice wasn’t mushy, nor did the rice fall apart when I bit into it. Kudos.

The tamago was a thick cut (which was good) but could have used a bit more seasoning for my taste. Overall, good.

I need to do more research at Chi-Chan’s.


The Mouse

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