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More Research

This post is for V (others can read it too).

When V visited here with her family a few weeks ago, she wanted to go to Chinatown. I was wondering why, because where there from has a much bigger selections in Asian ingredients. Then the truth came out, she was jonesing for boba milk tea (why didn’t she just say so, shy I guess).

For whatever reason, she didn’t bring her camera with her this time (I think she was too excited about getting her tea). She takes pictures of food to post on her Facebook page. The other day, I went back to take some pictures (so she can make her friend jealous). 😉

Okay, back to the main reason for this post. We ended up here.


Sign II

Just in case you had any doubts why we were here.

After several days, V got her milk tea.

Boba Milk Tea

Her mom, A got an avocado shake.

Avocado Shake

According to V, the boba milk tea was one of the best she’s had (maybe because she was craving it for a while).

Here’s the menu.


I read in another food blog that there’s another bubble drink stand that’s just as good (if not better). V and her family has to come back to do a thorough survey of  places that serve bubble tea (hint hint).

I just realized V’s boba milk tea and The Cat’s Thai iced tea are practically the same (except for the tapioca pearls), duh (see 1 March 2011 post).


The Mouse

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