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I had to run an early morning errand in the Aiea area yesterday. After the errand, I decided to have breakfast here.



We’ve tried here a couple of times for dinner and its always been crowded. I was curious about their breakfast.

The first thing that caught my eye was the Spam and egg bun. From the description, I imagined a poor man’s Egg Benedict (slider style); a slab (or two) of griddle fried Spam with a fried egg (over easy). The yolk would ooze out and make a sauce that the bread could sop up (ohh).

Instead, I got Spam, cut into chunks, with scrambled egg.

Spam and Egg Bun

Don’t get me wrong, this was very good, just not what I was expecting.

Since the Spam and egg bun was listed as a “mini breakfast”, I thought it may not be enough (it was). I also order the fried rice omelet from the “mini breakfast” list (the menu did not have any other selection that included fried rice).

Fried Rice Omelet

The Money Shot

The fried rice omelet was very good. I would order this again, except, next time, I would order it without cheese. In my opinion, the cheese didn’t harmonize with the egg and fried rice very well.

On a side note, I think the fried rice omelet is based on the Japanese “omu-raisu“.

Why you may ask is the title of this post “a thundering breakfast”? The restaurant is located in a bowling alley, of course. 😉


A good place for breakfast if you need something to wake you up.


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