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Okinawan Style Cooking

The other day, I met a friend who volunteered me to be his successor to administer an organization’s website (all because of this blog, lol). The subject of Okinawan food came up and I started craving shoyu pork. I was early enough to visit here for dinner (The Cat was working late).


For their stir frys, they give you an option of meats: pork, chicken, Spam, bacon, tuna or shoyu pork. 🙂

So Many Choices

I normally would order goya (bitter melon) with pork or chicken but in my opinion, goya and shoyu pork just don’t get along so well. Since I was in the mood for shoyu pork, my dinner choice was nabera (a squash that kind of looks like a cucumber).

The dinner includes soup or salad, rice, pickles, beverage and dessert.

Pickles, Salad, Green Tea

Oriental Dressing

I really like the oriental dressing here.

Nabera with Shoyu Pork and Rice

The nabera soaks up the flavor of the shoyu pork, a very good combination. How good was it?

That Good

Because I cleaned my plate, I got dessert.


Coffee Gelatin

The coffee gelatin makes a nice after dinner treat, not too sweet (I was going to say low fat but the whipped cream kind of negates that). 😉

One suggestion, go early, otherwise there could be a wait.

'Nuff Said


This post is a little later than normal, we were kind of watching the tsunami progress here.

The Mouse

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