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A Detour (and Leftover)

The other day, the plan was to pick up a sandwich from Subway. They’re running a sandwich of the day special and my favorite is Tuesdays.

But …

One the way over, saw that the “All Kine Grindz” lunch wagon was up and running, their schedule is a little iffy.

Lunch Wagon

Lunch Wagon

Don’t know if you can see it but smoke (the good kine) was billowing out of the top and surrounding the truck.

The last time, they ran out of smoked meat (pork), not this time.

The Mouse's Lunch

The Mouse’s Lunch

Sandwich? What sandwich? Huh?

There was soooo much meat, I couldn’t finish it all (amazing right?). 🙂

Half of the meat portion was saved for yesterday’s lunch.

The Meatfest Continues

The Meatfest Continues

“Stole” a microwave rice pack from The Cat, picked up a package of carrots from the convenience store around the corner, and tah dah!, lunch.

The Cat loves the rice packs for lunch, first time trying it. Actually really good rice, almost sushi rice texture.

Lunch for two days, happy Mouse.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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