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This Week’s Soup – Oink Tail

The Cat suggests I refrain from posting about chicken feet for a while (a long while). She thinks I lose readers when I post about it. Okay, a self-imposed moratorium.

Picked up from the newly re-opened (new owners) Korean supermarket.

Oink Tails

Oink Tail

Ox tails have become sooooooo expensive (way beyond our income level). And to think they used to be almost free. Sigh. Oink tails on the other hand, are still reasonably priced. Don’t let the “celebrity” chefs in on the secret. Shhhhh!

Oink Tails

Oink Tails

Guess what this is?

Hee hee

Hee hee!

Par-boiled, drained, washed. New water, dried bamboo shoot, dried mushroom (both rehydrated), ginger, orange peel, splash of vinegar, splash of vodka …

Low and slow …

Oink Tail Soup

Oink Tail Soup

The Cat said tasty (this might have been her first oink tail soup), and the best part? The soup gelled firm (lots of collagen), paw up.

Happy oinking! 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse


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