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Fish, not Game

Been wanting to try this place for a long time. http://www.ahiassassins.com/

Many a time, driving by, no parking. 😦

Yesterday, spotted one parking space. 🙂



They don’t make it easy. Second floor, office/retail building, no signage, just at door.

Not much space inside, counter, refrigerated display case. Enough room for maybe two customers. “Hole in the wall”? Definitely.

Friendly staff. One cook/chef, one front man. Sampled “Roxie’s Inamona” and “Pake Poke” (ginger onion sauce, kinda like cold ginger chicken sauce). Both were yum!



Ordered sautéed hebi (shortbill spearfish), brown rice, wasabi mayo sauce.

Sautéed Hebi

Sautéed Hebi

Side of "Roxie's Inamona" Poke

Side of “Roxie’s Inamona” Poke

Saturday was a happy eating day for The Mouse. 🙂

In the area?, go visit, sample, eat.

Go now

Go now


Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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