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Quiet Tuesday

Not too much happening food-wise.

The Mouse picked up a bottle of yuzu/salt/pepper paste to try.




Ingredients are yuzu, salt, pepper (dunno what kind of pepper, The Mouse is guessing black or white). Naturally smells spicy citrus. The Mouse needs unadulterated meat. Even tofu a distant possibility. Hee hee. No, more like meat. 🙂

Dinner was super simple.

The Mouse’s Dinner

Peanut butter on whole grain bread, roasted Okinawan sweet potato, shiso leaves, Mandarin oranges. The Mouse trying to eat lighter, especially for dinner. Sleep easier. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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New “Toys”

OK, not really “toys” but new things for me to play with in the kitchen. Bought two new seasonings recently. The first is dried yuzu zest.

Yuzu in a Bottle

I can’t wait to use it with vinegar or maybe sprinkled on fish or chicken karaage. I may even try and mix it with some dried orange peel. Hmm.

The second is ground Szechuan pepper (aka huājiāo).

Ground Szechuan Pepper

This is the stuff that is supposed to define mapo doufu. Besides mapo doufu, I think I’ll sprinkle some on curry rice or even ramen.

We have some whole pods that I don’t have anything to grind it into a powder (I throw some pods into soups or stews). When I saw the jar, I had to get it (it’s a law). 😉

Stay tuned.


The Mouse

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