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The Mouse hasn’t eaten yum cha in a loooong while. The Cat and The Mouse running errands. Thought we had to get something from Chinatown but changed our minds. But since we were there. Hee hee.

Stuffed Tofu Skin
Shrimp Dumplings
Char Siu Bao
Chicken Feet

The restaurant was inundated with take-out orders, staff a bit frazzled. The Cat and The Mouse didn’t get to order a couple of dim sum that we wanted. Next time.

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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The Mouse rushed out to an early doctor’s appointment yesterday. Everything seems okay, not normal normal, but okay. Doctor is satisfied.

Since The Mouse was near Chinatown, early, and found parking …

Yum cha time!

A little too early for some of the restaurants, still sleeping. Hee hee. Luckily, one of our old standbys opens “early”. Yay!

Early Bird Special

And, offers an early bird special.

Salted Pork and Preserved Egg Congee


Fried Dough


Char Siu Bao


Jasmine Tea

Hmm, what’s in The Mouse’s future. Hee hee.

To the special, The Mouse added.

Stuffed Bean Curd Skin


Custard Tart

The Mouse took home some of the char siu bao and custard tart to share with The Cat.

Needless to say, The Mouse nommed well.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse


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Epic Lunch Sequel

The eve before Christmas Eve. The Mouse got realigned, Did an errand for The Cat (picked up a box of chocolate dipped ginger for one of her clients). Had lunch.

But first, since The Mouse was at the store (buying the box of ginger chocolate) …

Chocolate Covered Oreo

A little treat for The Mouse. These are sweet. Can’t eat more than one or two a year.

Okay, on to lunch. I know, yum cha is supposed to be a communal eating event, and for most of the time, The Mouse agrees. But once in a while, it’s good to fly solo.

The Place

Just a few weeks ago the place was Good Fortune, oh well.

Not much change, food seemed the same.

Shrimp Dumplings
Pork, Mushroom, and Peanut Dumpling


Salted Pork and Preserved Egg Congee (Jook)


Spinach and Scallop Dumpling


The “Cha” part of “Yum Cha” 🙂

The Mouse usually can’t leave a dim sum meal without …

Egg Custard Tart

If The Mouse ever gets to Macao or Portugal, you know what he’s eating first. Hee hee.

After that, The Mouse went home to hibernate.

On a side note, The Mouse can’t leave an izakaya without ordering dashimaki tamago. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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Tongue Twister, Part I

Yum cha at Yauatcha, with Chefs H and R.


With the closing of Royal Garden, had to find a new dim sum joint to yum cha.

Bamboo dumpling


Prawn and crispy beancurd cheung fun


Shanghai siew long bun


Shrimp tempura, Chinese style?

Forgot the name of this one.

Crispy duck salad
with pomelo, pomegranate and pine nuts

The Mouse’s favorite of the day. The chefs kinda gobbled this one too. Sigh.

Three mushrooms hand pulled noodle


Spicy aubergine, sato bean, okra and long bean
with peanut

So you may have noticed many of the dim sum orders came three to a plate. Two chefs, The Cat, and The Mouse equals four. math doesn’t add up. The Mouse was still hungry. Ordered one for himself.

Char siu bun

Open kitchen. Too bad The Mouse cannot just sit in the front of the kitchen to eat. No need wide-screen TV. Hee hee.

Kitchen Spa

Dessert next.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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The Common Denominator

As mentioned in previous post, lunch with two German chefs, yum cha/dim sum, Royal Garden restaurant.

Funn Noodle with Pork


Dim Sum


More Dim Sum


More Dim Sum


Chicken Feet!

Surprisingly, Chef H loves chicken feet, said he learned from his ex-in-laws (they’re Chinese). Chef H also likes pork feet, beef feet, oxtail, and head cheese. The Cat and The Mouse’s kind of Chef 🙂

Speaking of which …

Pork Foot


Roast Duck

Apparently, Chef R knows the restaurant better than The Cat. His tips, don’t go when they first open, roasted items not ready, go about a half hour later, don’t order anything but dim sum in the morning, kitchen is focusing on dim sum, ordering other menu items throws the kitchen out of sync and the dish may not be “perfect”. Good tips.

At the entrance.

Giant Mooncake

According to the sign, it’s as big as 256 regular mooncakes. Guiness anyone? Hee hee.

The Mouse even got the basic recipe for escargot using canned escargot. Shucks, forgot to ask for the cooking time. Oh well, Google!

Jus’ out of curiosity …

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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