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Just In Time

Back in 22 December 2010, I posted about a type of walnuts from China that The Cat is crazy about. A few weeks ago, The Cat finished the supply.

Yesterday, a friend, whom we haven’t seen for more than twenty years came by to visit with her parents, her daughter, her husband, and their new son. They gave The Cat a package of nuts which include the walnuts (shelled this time).

Snack Pack

The walnuts are the upper portion of the package. The Cat is happy. 🙂

Xie xie A, E, Mr. & Mrs. Z, V, and Baby T. ^oo^


The Cat

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Little Walnuts

The Cat likes nuts. One of her favorite is xiao he tao (or xiao hu tao, she’s not sure about the spelling). There is a species of walnut tree called little walnut but we’re not sure if this nut is from that tree.

Anyway, when our new friend M came to visit from Beijing (see 6 October 2010 post), she gave The Cat a whole box of these walnuts containing twelve bags.

The Box

A Package

The walnuts are roasted. The nuts taste like a salty sugary glaze has been added but the taste is natural. Each package contains four to five servings for The Cat.

These nuts are hard to get to. Each nut has four separate chambers and the nuts do not come out very easily. It’s rare that The Cat can get to the nut without the nut breaking up.

At this time, you may want to avert your eye for the next picture.

The Carnage

There is a little nut meat after cracking and extracting the bits and pieces.

My opinion of this nut is like my opinion about crabs in the shell, taste good but may not be worth the effort. The Cat thinks otherwise. She said eating these nuts is a metaphor for life, lots of struggle for a little bit of enjoyment. The Cat is becoming a philosopher now. 🙂

Enjoy (The Cat does).

The Mouse

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