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The Mouse was MIA yesterday, dropped The Cat at work, her car was injured and needed cosmetic surgery.

Leftover meals (repurposed).

Braised Chicken Feet Noodles with Turnip Tops


Ma Po Tofu and Biscuit

The Mouse thought about frying an egg, but probably would be too filling and send The Mouse into a food coma. Dunno why but the plating reminds me of Kung Fu Panda Shifu. Hee hee.

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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Trying to stay healthy. The Mouse cooked up large batch of greens, should last a couple days.


Stir-fried, grapeseed oil, Hanapepe salt, fresh ground pepper, monk fruit “sugar”.

Turnip Greens

Plain, boiled.

Hope everyone is safe and well.

The Mouse

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The Mouse got a tour of the warehouses. Very excited. No pictures, proprietary purposes.

And the employee discounts, although there are a few restrictions, can be awesome.

The Mouse’s first purchase, almost two pounds of oxtail, for the weekend. The Mouse has to check later for pork cheeks and beef tongue. All the meat cuts that were price prohibitive as a non-employee.

Mouth watering in anticipation.

The Mouse’s take-out on the way home.

Kalua Pork and Rice – Mini Plate

The Cat’s bowl of soup.

Turnip Greens and Bamboo

The Mouse is deciding between Western and Asian style oxtail stew. Decisions, decisions.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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Prepared by The Mouse, for The Cat (tax season starting up).

The Cat’s Bowl

Instant noodles (without the flavor packet), turnip tops, leftover pastele stew, squeeze of Kalamansi lime. The Cat slurped.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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And pork! Finally!


“Nuked” frozen vegetables catsup (forgot that I ran out of vinaigrette). Didnʻt Prez Reagan say catsup was a vegetable? Hee hee.

Veggies (and sometimes fruit) in the morning, less guilt if the opportunity arises for indulging later in the day.

The draught ends.


Picked up just before the kitchen switches to lunch. “Breakfast” sandwich with bacon, egg, and cheese, with a little substitution/modification.

Out with the cheese, in with the shiso

Because, dairy issues, ʻnuf said.

Dinner, more greens.

Turnip Tops

Both boiled and raw.

The Cat had a bowl of noodles and mustard greens with fried tofu.

The Catʻs Bowl

Just in case, tomorrowʻs schedule may be interrupted due to The Mouse getting a little (read minor, minimally invasive) structural repair done. Doc said I might be a little slow and clumsy for a day or so. We will see.

I know, the relatives that read this are probably thinking “since when is he not clumsy or slow”. Ugh!

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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