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The Mouse, throwing stuff together, one bowl eats.

Oatmeal and Fava Beans

Leftover rehydrated fava beans, oatmeal, wakame seaweed. The Mouse wanted savory breakfast but also wanted oatmeal. Actually not bad. Not everyday, but once in a while. While eating, The Mouse was thinking about the movie Oliver. Hee hee.


Turmeric Ramen with Cauliflower and Fishcake

The Mouse did not use the included soup packet, sea salt (little bit), and turmeric instead. Not yellow snow. Hee hee.

Be safe and well.

The Mouse

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Emergency repairs affecting the driveway. The service truck blocking The Mouse’s car, didn’t want to ask the plumbers to move. The Mouse rummaged.

Noodle Bowl

Instant noodles, no soup packet, turmeric, salt, wakame, cauliflower, fishcake. Mmm.

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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The Mouse being good. Hee hee.

Home alone eats (tax season for The Cat, she had her tonic soup with rice, office eats).


Turmeric vegetables, orange, apple peel (The Cat can’t digest the peel, The Mouse recycles, hee hee hee).

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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The Cat had a pic of the peach meringue dessert from a couple of posts ago.

Peach Meringue Tart


Recent bowls (both The Cat’s and The Mouse’s).

Jook with Leftovers

From Sunday’s Korean brunch.

The Mouse’s Lunch

Pasta shells with canned sardines and frozen mixed vegetables, heavily seasoned with turmeric. Sardines and turmeric, interesting flavors, The Mouse might do this again. Hee hee.

Vegetable Jook with Pickled Mustard Cabbage

Another jook bowl for The Cat. The Cat wasn’t complaining. 🙂

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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This time in vegetable soup.

Vegetable Soup with Turmeric

In The Mouse’s opinion, chicken soup is better.

The soup was for lunch, for breakfast, The Mouse bought a breakfast take-out from the grocery store, after grocery shopping.

Fried Rice, Scrambled Eggs

The pickled peppers are locally made, nice color accent to the meal. Nom!

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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