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The Mouse eats.

Panda Express. Its own food category: American Chinese.

Teri Chicken and Super Greens

Two go-to items The Mouse doesn’t mind eating occasionally. A regular plate enough for four meals for The Mouse and The Cat.


Tuna Sandwich

Friday sandwich of the day. The Mouse fully takes advantage of the sandwich of the day special. Hee hee.

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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This and That

Just random stuff.


The Mouse kinda just grabbed whatever was closest and rushed out. Frozen Brussels sprouts and Japanese fried fishcakes. A little too many Brussels sprouts, there was excess … sorry TMI. The Mouse forgot Brussels sprouts are little cabbages and we will just leave it at that. Hee hee.

From the Sample Corner

So, the warehouse owner bought a new warehouse. Bigger… much bigger. Maybe outgrew current location? All departments are “encouraged” to reduce their “clutter” to facilitate an easier move. Purchasing department pulling out the samples warehouse received for testing. Employees are welcome to take whatever suits their fancy. The Mouse’s procurement. Never tried jackfruit before. The can is sweet flavored. Any suggestions?

The Cat worked late. The Mouse on his own for dinner. Quick pick-up from the neighborhood mall.

Tuna Subway Sandwich, Radish

Normally, The Mouse chooses whole wheat for his sandwiches, but for tuna, gotta choose white bread. And the best accompaniment for tuna sandwich? For The Mouse? Radishes. Tried kimchi, pickles, etc. but radishes work best.

A long weekend for The Cat and The Mouse. Hibernation time. 🙂

Stay well and safe.

The Mouse

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