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Servers wearing masks, tables spread out. The “new normal”.

The first eat-in event for The Cat and The Mouse had to be with Chef H.

Food pics.



Almost Sunset


The Cat’s Cocktail

Candied Hibiscus Martini. There was a taste hint li hing mui going on (The Mouse’s opinion).


House smoked salmon, caviar, cucumber crostini. Let the yumming begin!

Tomato Bisque, Fresh Tomato Relish

If The Mouse could presume to suggest to a executive chef, just a little side bite (1/8 of a sandwich) of a grilled cheese sandwich (The Mouse was prepared with lactase pills), would’ve been perfect. Just putting it out there. πŸ™‚

Caesar Salad with Anchovies

Our favorite place for Caesar salad. So just another tiny “wish” for Chef. An amuse-bouche of a mini onigiri with anchovy and ume, wrapped in crispy seaweed. Again, just tossing it out there. Hee hee.

Crispy Skin Roasted Salmon, Risotto with Truffles, Pesto

The salmon so moist and well cooked, the skin as crispy as bacon. There’s an idea, okay, The Mouse is stopping, no more suggestions for Chef on this post. Hee hee.

Roast Lamb Chop, Hoisin Glaze, Fingerling Potatoes

Really yum, but by then, The Cat and The Mouse were full, so after a little bit of nibbling, most of will become The Mouse’s bento tomorrow.

Chef was happy to see us, The Mouse thinks he was happy to be back in his kitchen environment. πŸ™‚

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse


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Strange times.


Our order.

Grilled Cheese, Chef H Style


Tomato Bisque Soup


Chef Hardy Burger

Local Beef, Hardy’s Burger Sauce, Applewood Smoked Bacon, Irish Porter Cheddar Cheese, Caramelized
Sweet Onions, Lettuce, Tomato, Homemade Potato Chips.

Partial source of ingredients for last night’s hamburger nabemono. πŸ™‚

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse


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“Cafeteria” in a department store. Old school throwback. Sunday’s schedule a bit wacky. Decided to save time and eat at the “cafeteria”. It has been here at least twenty years.

The Gazebo.


Clear “winter” weather.

The Cat seems to like soup and sandwich combos during the winter time.

Tomato Bisque

More like a hybrid, cream of tomato soup with vegetable soup. The Cat didn’t mind.

Tuna Salad on Croissant

Nothing fancy. Old school style.

For The Mouse, it was a toss up between stuffed cabbage or hamburger steak, cashier’s personal preference was the hamburger steak. Follow the recommendation.

Hamburger Steak, Brown Rice, Beans, Gravy, and Onions

Cooked well-done. The Mouse usually orders medium rare, but in this case, The Mouse wasn’t asked. No matter, the char on the burgers and tender texture made up for the doneness.

Next time The Mouse is in the mood of old school eating, be back.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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