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Last Sunday, The Cat and The Mouse decided to try something different from Ruby Tuesday. “Newish” Thai in the neighborhood. Kits n Koa.

Pad Thai Noodle

Not bad, The Cat thinks she’s had better.

Chicken Panang Curry

This one was good. A keeper. Not spicy, flavorful.

Bamboo Shoots with Eggs

Not bad for tinned bamboo shoots.

This is where The Mouse really liked the pickled yellow pepper.

Pickled Yellow Peppers

Especially on the noodle.

Tapioca Coconut Milk

With young coconut, The Cat’s dessert.

Steamed Pumpkin Coconut Cream with Sticky Rice

The Mouse’s dessert. The Mouse liked. Super heavy though. Nap time. 🙂

Kits n Koa made it to the list of restaurants can return to.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse


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Friday night, trying to decide where to eat. Thought about ramen. The server at the ramen shop either very angry or does not know customer service. Acted like she was doing us a favor. Walked out without even sitting.

Now what?

Either Korean, Zippy’s, high-priced Japanese, or Thai. Kinda did the Korean, Zippy’s and Japanese … Thai it is.

Menu Cover

Menu Cover

Place has been around for years. Guess the front and The Mouse’s uncertainty of Thai food didn’t encourage us to try before. But sometimes, the door less opened beckons. Wow, philosophical … must be that last brownie (JUST KIDDING!) 🙂

Walking in feels like grandma’s garage go converted to a restaurant. Dunno, just a thought. Thai dancer dolls on display, blue and white patterned dishes all shelves, and a mini waterfall display kinda in the middle of the dining room.

Mini Waterfall Diorama

Mini Waterfall Diorama

What? Your grandma’s house doesn’t look like that? Hee hee!

Vegetable Pad Thai

Vegetable Pad Thai

We ordered mild.

Spicy Eggplant Tofu

Spicy Eggplant Tofu


Panang Curry Chicken

Panang Curry Chicken

Curry, peanut, and coconut milk.

Firtst time in a long time The Mouse actually liked Thai food. Either he is broadening his taste buds or the food was good (maybe a little of both). The Mouse would not object to returning again.

The Cat's hot water service

The Cat’s hot water service

Blue and white patterned dishes, fancy yeah?

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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For Research

We’re still looking for the best Thai and Vietnamese restaurants to take our chef friend (Chef C) to. Over the weekend we tried here for lunch.


The restaurant was well reviewed on Yelp.


And won some kind of ‘Ilima Award in 2010.

For some reason, we were in a vegetarian kind of mood.

Green Papaya Salad

The description from the menu: green papaya salad (som tum) shredded fresh island green papaya stone pounded with garlic, tomatoes, and chili tossed in a special lime sauce. I thought the flavor was well-balanced not too salty, not too sour.

Yellow Curry

Again, from the menu: yellow curry (keang leang) potatoes, carrots, onions, coconut milk slow cooked in yellow curry. For many of the selections, various proteins can be added. On this day, we chose tofu.

Holy Basil

You know what’s coming: Holy Basil (pad krapao) fresh picked string beans sautéed with onions, roasted garlic, and Thai sweet basil in a spicy house special sauce.

I thought this was done very well (again we chose tofu as the protein option, I guess it’s all or nothing with us). 🙂

Thai Sticky Rice

I think everything on the menu is ala carte. The Cat ordered Thai sticky rice (kao neow). She thought the container that the rice came in was soooo cute.

Rice Container

Red Cargo Rice

I ordered brown rice (kao deang) which ended up being red cargo rice which was alright.

A definite contender.


The Mouse

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With tongue firmly in cheek.

The last time we were here, The Cat bought a package of Thai tea powder so that she could make Thai tea at work. But when she tried making it, it wasn’t the same as buying it from the restaurant.

This past Sunday, we visited the restaurant to get a better idea of the tea.

Thai Iced Tea

Since we were there, we ordered lunch, #9 (basil chicken), #16 (pad raumit), and #19 (pad si you).


The pad raumit (#16) is one of The Cat’s favorites here. I think we’ve ordered this almost every time we’ve frequented here.


The pad si you was kind of like chicken chow fun. I would order this again.


We ended up taking the basil chicken home and splitting it for dinner between the two of us. We ordered it mild, I ended up adding my own chili powder. That’s okay, better to have to add heat then to have too much at the start.

The Cat concluded that she didn’t add enough condensed milk to the tea she made. Back to the drawing board. Maybe we have to go back for more research in the future, not that I’m complaining. 🙂


The Mouse

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On Sunday, we had a busy day at the air show (see previous post), and we had to run some errands, no time for cooking.

We ended up at our favorite chop suey house, Kin Wah, for a late lunch.

Special Plate “A”

From bottom, beef with broccoli, gon lo mein, rice, three crispy won tons, and lemon chicken, all for six dollars, mmm, what a deal. At first, The Cat wasn’t going to eat since she already ate at the air show. But when the food came she ordered fried rice, and choi sum with sauce on the side (must be a Pavlovian response).

Choi Sum

For dinner, The Cat wanted more vegetables, so we headed to Bangkok Chef in town for Pad Raumit #16 (stir-fried vegetables and tofu)(I’ve posted about this previously).

Pad Raumit #16

I wasn’t in the mood for any hot or spicy food (it was kind of hot on Sunday). I ordered the fish patties plate #2. Fried fish cake patties. I liked it, The Cat, not so much (The Cat has a dislike of fishcake).

Fish Patties Plate

I really liked the brown jasmine rice. The grains didn’t stick together, the texture was almost like eating fried rice (without the oil).

The Cat wanted to try the Thai iced coffee but she was concerned it might be too caffeinated, so she had her Thai iced tea instead.

Thai Iced Tea

The table next to us came to Bangkok Chef only for dessert. One of their desserts was a green tapioca. We thought it was green tea flavored tapioca. It turned out to be pandan flavored tapioca. Here’s more information about pandan: http://thaifood.about.com/od/glossary/g/pandanleaf.htm. It had a kind of green herb taste, not bad.

Pandan Flavored Tapioca

The dessert looks a little sloppy, The Cat dove in before I could get a picture.

A full day (both in activities and food). I’m is returning to my diet and ku ding cha on Monday.


The Mouse

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