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Continuation from the previous post.

I had to go to Target, so lunch was here.


It’s an old stand by for me. Definitely doesn’t knock my socks off, but decent food at a decent price. Enough of a variety of vegetables, steamed fish, and salt and pepper shrimp on the buffet line, hard to go wrong. I usually try to limit myself with the carbs here.

Steamed Fish Filet, Vegetables

Today, I think the restaurant had an overstock of taro. The fried taro is not on their regular line.

Fried Taro

I think the restaurant did something to more than appease the kitchen god. The fried taro was awesome (the socks came off). Dense and hearty with a pineapple glaze. Wow.

Fried Taro, Steamed Fish Filets, Vegetables, Etc.

Fried Taro, Salt and Pepper Shrimp, Etc.

The fried taro was so good, I had two servings. Big yum. My general rule of limiting carbs became a guideline for today. 🙂 A definite live to eat moment.
Dinner was a different story. The restaurant we were heading to was closed for a private party. Good for the restaurant, not so good for us. We ended up nearby (The Cat was starving). 


The menu had quite a bit of choices and looked promising. The Cat ordered the seafood ramen combination.

Seafood Ramen

Fried Rice


I think the fried rice was the high point of  the dinner, not bad. I ordered the unagi combo.

Unagi on Rice


My order also came with gyoza (same as picture above). In my opinion, the sauce on the unagi complete overpowered the unagi. One overly sweet and salty glob. It wasn’t that anything was terribly wrong, just something was missing. We probably would have felt better if the prices were one or two dollars lower. Oh well. A definite eat to live moment.

Better luck next time. One out of two (pretty good stats if you’re a batter). 🙂


The Mouse

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Last week, we tried here.


We were impressed; The Cat loved the stuffed eggplant. After we finished eating as were leaving, I noticed that one of the chalkboard specials was belly pork with taro. I wanted to try it. Hoping that it was still a special (it was), we ate there again last night.

This time around, we ordered watercress soup,

Watercress Soup

stuffed eggplant on rice, and belly pork with taro.

Braised Belly Pork with Taro

This was really good (borderline AWESOME). The Cat said this could be served in the finest restaurants at four to five time the cost (it was $8.50) and still be worth it. Although to charge more, the dish would need a plating makeover. 🙂

This restaurant has been added to one of our go to places (especially if they keep the belly pork with taro on the menu).


The Mouse

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Taro Poke

A continuation from the previous post.

Also purchased at the farmers’ market on Wednesday was taro poke.

Taro Poke

It’s from a company called Taro Delight (no website). I think the owner said it was vegan. Besides the taro, the poke had ogo, green onions, and I think kukui nut oil.

The poke wasn’t bad, but I think it would have tasted even better with some ahi poke on the side. But that’s just me. 🙂

The company also makes dips and dressings made from taro. Sounds interesting.


The Mouse

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Several of our relatives (Uncle G, Aunt R, Aunt M, Aunt E, cousins P &B, C, The Cat and I) got together last night for dinner here.

I think Uncle G picked the restaurant, he seems to know the whole town and where to eat.

We started off with fish soup with mustard greens.


Normally, at other restaurants, there’s not that much greens in the soup. The reason this time is that Uncle G brought the mustard greens from his own garden. Uncle G also raises orchids, carves narcissus bulbs, cooks, bakes, etc., a true renaissance man (sorry girls, he’s married). 😉

The rest of the food.

Egg Fu Yung

Steamed Pork Hash

Steamed Fish Fillets

Sorry, couldn’t take pictures fast enough before the serving spoons started flying.

Fried Rice with Chinese Salted Shrimp Paste

Here’s the link for information about the shrimp paste, I’m not going to even try to spell it in Chinese. Think anchovies.

Chinese Pot Roast Pork with Taro

Another dish I’m not going to attempt to spell in Chinese. This was my favorite dish of the night. The dish is cooked with fermented soy bean curd (fermented shrimp paste and now fermented bean curd, all those healthy bacteria, Yum!). The pork was tender and moist. The taro absorbed the flavors of the pork and bean curd. Etiquette dictated I had to share this, sigh. Sometimes family is more important than food. 😉

Walnut Shrimp

Preserved Mustard Cabbage with Pork

Here’s more information about suan cai (Chinese preserved cabbage).

For dessert, Auntie M brought a dobash cake. Got to have dessert, even with Chinese food.

Food, family, and fun (not necessarily in that order). Does it get any better? Thanks everyone.

If you try this restaurant, tell them Uncle G sent you.

It will be futile to ask, I’m not telling. 😉


The Mouse

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