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Dunno if I mentioned this before, one of my favorite vegetable combinations, okra and tomato. This time, stir-fried okra and tomatoes (currant variety), seasoned with sea asparagus (no additional salt).

Stir-Fried Okra, Currant Tomatoes, and Sea Asparagus


The Mouse

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I’ve posted about doufu gan before.

Doufu Gan

However, according to The Cat, the best way to prepare doufu gan is with celery.

Chop about six stalks of celery

Cut doufu gan into “cubes” similar in size to the celery

About two tablespoons of peanut oil, stir-fry celery until crispy tender

Add doufu gan and toss to warm

Salt, sugar, ground Sichuan pepper, and Chinese five spice to taste

Plate, sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds for texture


Stir-Fried Celery with Doufu Gan

The Cat is right, the doufu gan is best with celery.


The Mouse

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Most, if not all, of our stir-frys have no recipes. I think it’s the influence of Aunty P. She taught me the process of cooking, not the recipes.

It’s hard to buy the exact amount needed to use all of one vegetable in one dish. As a result, our refrigerator (and freezer) sometimes has a little bit of this vegetable and a little bit of that vegetable. When there are a couple of orphan vegetables in the refrigerator, I will throw them in a stir-fry (aka chop suey).

I was cleaning out the camera of orphan pictures and came across these stir-frys that I’ve done.

Ku gua (bitter melon), carrots, and pork.


Ku Gua, Carrots, and Pork


Cucumber, carrots, dried mushrooms, and black fungus.


Cucumber, Carrots, Dried Mushrooms, and Black Fungus


Frozen okra, frozen soybeans, pork, and black fungus with doenjang (Korean fermented soybean paste).


Frozen Okra, Frozen Soybeans, Pork, and Black Fungus in Doenjang Sauce


Frozen soybeans, frozen peas, dried mushrooms, and doufu gan with Chinese five spice.


Frozen Soybeans, Frozen Peas, Dried Mushrooms, and Doufu Gan with Chinese Five Spice


This a good way to clean out our refrigerator. The combinations are endless.


The Mouse

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