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The rest of the food, after the Jamon Iberico.


Deep-fried shishito peppers. The Mouse liked.

Flamenco Egg

Baked egg on vegetable stew. The Cat liked.


Spanish omelette. The Cat liked.


Cold tomato and papaya soup.

Josper Grilled Porchetta

Pork belly stuffed with rosemary, garlic, and thyme grilled in Josper oven. This item was on the Italian side of the menu.

The porchetta and the Jamon Iberico were the highlights for The Mouse.

The Mouse would definitely reorder. 🙂

Oh! Here is the oven.

Josper Oven

Forgot to ask server if oven was brought over from Spain or Italy. Next time.

Be safe and well.

The Mouse

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Adventurous Sunday, part I.

A few minutes before dinner reservations, nearby Filipino bakery.


It’s a significant step up, hence the many caution signs.

Fresh and warm Spanish rolls (and more). 🙂


Spanish rolls, Ube rolls, brownies, oatmeal cookie. Noms. 🙂

First time for The Cat eating a fresh and warm Spanish roll. Paws up.


Half of the menu Spanish cuisine, half of the menu Italian cuisine. SPAM Land does not have many Spanish restaurants, The Cat and The Mouse wanted to try. 🙂

Wall Decoration


Location used to be a bank, then a conveyor belt sushi restaurant, now a Spanish/Italian dining spot. Go figure.

Vault Door

The Mouse guesses vaults are hard to remove? Hee hee. Depending on the size, might be a great private dining room or speakeasy spot. Just saying. 🙂

More about the food next time. This post is just the teaser. 🙂

Be safe and well.

The Mouse

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