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Newly purchased cans in the pantry.

First the winter bamboo shoots.

Winter Bamboo Shoots

Not much different from other canned bamboo shoots as far as The Mouse could tell, maybe just a little denser than others (cold weather?)

Next, the Szechuan preserved vegetable.

Preserved Vegetable

Mustard cabbage hearts in spicy paste (Chinese style kimchi?).

Rinsed off the paste (at least that’s how aunty taught The Mouse), otherwise too spicy.

Preserved Cabbage

Thinly cut the bamboo and mustard cabbage.

Bamboo and Mustard Cabbage

Water, soba noodle, bamboo, preserved vegetable, frozen mixed vegetable, Kaua‘i sea salt, egg, toasted sesame oil (at the end). The Mouse’s recipe, throw everything in the pot and hope for the best.

The Cat’s Noodle Soup

The Cat slurped.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse


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Lucky Cat

Neighborhood grocery store had three pork feet on Saturday. The Mouse bought one. Store used to carry feet more often, but because of lack of demand, cut back the stock. Sigh. But, at least they carry sometimes.

Pork Foot

Also bought squash at the farmers market.


Not sure of the name, we call it “long squash”.

Normal soup treatment. Wash, par boil, wash, fresh water, ginger, liquor, simmer for hours.

The Cat’s Soup Noodle Bowl

Hot soba noodles in pork broth with squash, soy beans, seaweed, and lotus root. The Cat slurped.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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